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Tiberian Dawn

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Command & Conquer (Tiberian Dawn)
by Westwood Studios

Release date 31.08.1995 (PC)
Latest Patch Version 1.22
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Tiberian Dawn was the first Command & Conquer game. It was released in two versions, one for DOS and one for WIN32 (Command and Conquer 95 or Command and Conquer Gold):

  • The DOS version (using DOS4GW) supports up to 320x200 pixel at 256 colors video mode.
  • The WIN32 version supports up to 640x400 or 640x480 pixel at 256 color video mode.

Most of the gaming data is hard coded in the executable and can't be edited.

As most C&C games, it comes with two disks - one for GDI, one for NOD. Westwood Studios did this so that you could play against your friends without having to run out and buy another copy.

Note that "Tiberian Dawn" (sometimes referred to as "Tiberium Dawn") started as an unofficial community name for the first C&C. The game itself was just titled "Command & Conquer". Recently, however, EA Games has referred to Command and Conquer 1 as Tiberian Dawn.

Tiberian Dawn
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