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This entry was copied from DeeZire's Red Alert 2 and Yuris Revenge INI Editing Guide for the sake of completeness. As it is not our intention to rip off DeeZire's work, this article is subject to a re-write and update with the latest community knowledge.

For further information, please read Inclusion of The Guide.

This file contains the individual text strings that are available to be displayed by the game through the relevant Action from within a map file. These form the text messages that appear on the screen to inform the player of some event, give advice, portray dialog or simply to provide a visual notification of an EVA or Sofia speech. Some of the table entries are reserved for specific missions, however this is not a requirement of the code but rather a convention used by the programmers to ensure that the correct strings were displayed for the correct missions.

NOTE: although this file is parsed and valid in Red Alert 2, it is entirely unused. In Tiberian Sun, it provides the only means of displaying custom text messages through the use of the relevant Action from a map file, however this Action takes a different parameter in Red Alert 2 which points it to text strings contained in the .CSF file, and it is this convention that is used throughout the entire game (see the Map Editing Guide for further details).


This section forms a list of the available text messages which can be displayed in the game. The list is numbered starting at 1 with each number referring to an individual text message. There are maximum string lengths (spaces are included in the length count) for each entry as dictated by the screen resolution setting, thus;-

640x400 and 640x480
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (64 characters)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (86 characters)

If you want to display a string which is longer than the permitted length, you should split the entire string over two lines in this file, then call two consecutive Actions with a short time delay between them, with each Action referring to each relevant string here.