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Where the Hell am I?
You're on ModEnc, the community-editable C&C Modding Encyclopedia. Would you like to know more?
To get in touch with us, you have several possibilities:
Contributing is easy: Simply click on "edit" at the top of a page, improve the page as much as you want, preview, fix any errors you made, preview again, and if there are no more errors left, add a short edit summary and hit "Save page". The page refreshes, and, congratulations, you just contributed to ModEnc! (And, if you're registered, your name will even be associated with your revision of the page, and you'll be mentioned in the page's credits.)

If you're having fun and like what you're doing, have a look at the following documents:

  • If necessary, you can test editing commands in our Sandbox

In case you do want to contribute, but don't know where to start, pick one of these pages.

Be aware that, although editing anonymously is possible, registering only takes a minute, and has the invaluable advantage that your name will forever be associate with your contributions...after all, if you re-wrote an entire page, you wouldn't want it to be credited to some obscure IP or "Anonymous User", would you? Scroll down for information on how to register.

There are numerous ways to browse ModEnc, and several interesting pages worth noting:
  • Simply typing a page name in the box to the left and hitting "Go" takes you to that page.
  • You can just browse through all pages.
  • You can go through the Categories.
  • You can look what's most popular.
  • Or just pick a random page.
  • You might also want to have a look at our Community Portal.
  • If you don't know what a "boolean" is, check this out,
  • And if you're interested in it, here are some statistics.
The Environment

Registration has advantages like getting credited for the edits you do, being able to patrol other people's edits, and setting a bunch of preferences for the site. And it takes less than a minute.
To register, click on the "Log in/create account" link in the top right-hand corner, click on "Create an account", and fill out the textfields. Submit the data, and in you are. Log in through the same link.

Recent Changes
Under Special:Recentchanges (also in the main menu), you have an overview of all recently done modifications to ModEnc. You can hide several types of edits, limit the view to certain categories or namespaces, view the difference to before or go directly to the page's history, and get information about the revision's author.

Patrols, Diff and History
If you go to Recent Changes, you might notice some pages have a little red exclamation mark - this means the change has not been patrolled, i.e. checked for correctness, yet. You can do that, if you're registered. Simply click on the "diff" link next to it, check, on the right-hand side, if the modifications are correct and make sense, and, if they do, click "Mark as patrolled". This will remove the exclamation mark, and people will know the page has had a review (some people also just hide patrolled edits, since they know they don't have to worry about them - someone else already checked them).
While clicking at "diff", you might also notice the "hist" link; it leads to the same page as "history" in the top navigation bar. The history page allows you to see past revisions of a page, to compare them, and, if necessary, to restore them.

The Toolbox
What some people overlook is that there's a rather helpful little menu below the search box - the toolbox. It's content changes depending on what you look at, but it includes, among others, links to upload files, to see what links to the page you're looking at, a permanent link to the revision you're looking at, a link to a printer-friendly version of the page, and a link to the special pages:

Special Pages
Special pages are pages that have not been written by authors, but are generated automatically. They include many lists and statistics, some of which you might find interesting.

Your Preferences
If you did register, take some time setting your preferences. It might just have the checkbox to turn something off that annoyed you from day one.

Hope this little heads up helped you, and now have fun on ModEnc!