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IrfanView is an excellent utility for graphics conversion/modification, but for modding the most useful feature is probably the batch convert/rename feature for resizing TS graphics, making files liable to be imported to SHP builder and for many other things.

Batch Conversion/Rename

  1. File-> Batch Conversion/Rename (hotkey B)
  2. Add files to change to the list with the Add/all buttons, (for conversions also specify a target folder unless configured otherwise)
    1. The following depends on your respective needed action
    2. Renaming and/or converting for OS SHP Builder:
      1. Work as: Batch Rename
      2. Set Rename Options
      3. Name pattern: ####
      4. Starting index: 0
      5. Increment: 1
      6. Move/rename options below: personal preference (I use Rename original/input files)
      7. OK
    3. Palette modification
      1. Image -> Palette
        1. Edit Palette - modify values with color picker
        2. Import/Export palette - load a palette in Jasc format

External Links

IrfanView website Wikipedia entry on IrfanView