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Flag: PrerequisiteOverride
File(s): rules.ini/rulesmd.ini
Values: list of Strings (BuildingTypes)
Default: empty string (no BuildingType)
Applicable to: All unit types (Infantry/Vehicle/Building/Aircraft)

PrerequisiteOverride stores a list of BuildingType prerequisites. If any one of the entries in the list is owned (includes being garrisoned or mind-controlled) by a player then the player is allowed to begin building the unit that has the PrerequisiteOverride flag.

For example:

  • Prerequisite=GAREFN,POWER
  • PrerequisiteOverride=GATECH

A player can build the "THEMPARK" if they have satisfied one of the following conditions:

  • They own at least one Allied Ore Refinery and at least one building from the PrerequisitePower= group.
  • They own at least one Allied Battle Lab.

The PrerequisiteOverride allows the player to build the "THEMPARK" without having to own an Ore Refinery or Power Plant, as long as they own a Battle Lab.

It should be noted that unlike Prerequisite, PrerequisiteOverride CANNOT have a Prerequisite Group value. PrerequisiteOverride only accepts a list of actual BuildingTypes.

You can easily grant extra units to sides that don't normally have them with this tag. Indeed even in the unmodded game, SEALs are granted by the Pentagon pieces, Yuri Clones by the Kremlin and Chronolegionnaires by the Smithsonian. Since this is so easy though, tech trees can get mixed and players build units to which their country doesn't normally own. Just be warned; It can and has led to NCO bug issues.

See also: Prerequisite, PrerequisiteGroups