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Flag: Taunt_x
File(s): Keyboard(md).ini
Values: unsigned integers (represent key codes)
Default: varies
Applicable to: Hotkey

Where x is 1 through 8, this specifies the keyboard shortcut used to invoke one of the predefined Taunts.

Defaults are (115 + x), which correspond to F5 through F12.


Taunts are predefined audio messages that are used to communicate between players. They are contry-specific, and each country has 8 of them, recorded in that country's accent. Each taunt has a predefined purpose:

  1. "I'm out of cash"
  2. "I'm starting my attack"
  3. "Help"
  4. "Distract the enemy"
  5. "Give up now ... and you will live"
  6. "Ha ha ha ha!"
  7. "Coward!"
  8. "Too late to surrender now"