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Tiberium (fictional substance)

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Tiberium is the resource used for energy and money replacement in Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Sun and their subsequent add-ons.


Tiberium landed on Earth via a meteorite which crashed close to the Tiber River in Italy, hence spawning the name 'Tiberium'. Tiberium exists as crystalline formations situated on small ground pods. These crystals spawn toxic spores which travel through the air, contaminating and mutating whatever organic material they come into contact with. Tiberium works by creating large roots down into the soil, these roots leach minerals and other valuable materials upward into the ground pod, which then uses them in their crystals, making Tiberium a very valuable resource.
Sometimes the airborne spores come into contact with plant matter, and, in the case of trees, can mutate them into what are known as Blossom Trees, these spawn more green Tiberium crystals.

Tiberium Types

There are four different types of Tiberium:

Tiberium Riparius : This is the basic green Tiberium, spawned from Blossom Trees. It has a moderate value.

Tiberium Vinifera: This is a more valuable form of Tiberium, its crystals are blue rather than green and it is spawned from large blue Vinifera crystals. It is highly explosive; one stray weapon shot can blow up one chunk of Vinifera, then take out the whole field with it.

Tiberium Cruentus: This is an unharvestable form of Tiberium. It exists solely as a large dark blue crystal, it can be destroyed, but not harvested and is highly explosive.

Tiberium Aboreus: This form of Tiberium is listed in TS's INI files, but is actually unused in the game. Many modders have given Aboreus the appearance of 'red' Tiberium and made it more valuable than the blue Vinifera, and also more explosive.

If you are looking for the tag named Tiberium in the Powerups section of rules(md).ini, then please see [Powerups].

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