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An AbstractDerivationID is what identifies every "dead-end" class (i.e. non-abstract classes) deriving from the AbstractClass uniquely.
In the game, it is often useful - for commonality's sake - to have a function or similar pass a FootClass, which is the base class of the [[UnitClass], the InfantryClass and the AircraftClass. This way, operations for moving units can be handled using one part of code.
However, sometimes one needs to know what exactly this FootClass is (one of the three possibilities named above). For this, you use the AbstractDerivationID.

AbstractDerivationID List

This list is equivalent to the one on the Factory page.
Since this is a different context, here they are listed again:

ID Class
TS, RA2 and YR:
0x00 <Abstract> (can be considered an error value)
0x01 UnitClass
0x02 AircraftClass
0x03 AircraftTypeClass
0x04 AnimationClass
0x05 AnimationTypeClass
0x06 Building
0x07 BuildingType
0x08 BulletClass
0x09 BulletTypeClass
0x0A CampaignClass
0x0B CellClass
0x0C FactoryClass
0x0D HouseClass
0x0E HouseTypeClass
0x0F InfantryClass
0x10 InfantryTypeClass
0x11 IsometricTileClass
0x12 IsometricTileTypeClass
0x13 BuildingLightClass
0x14 OverlayClass
0x15 OverlayTypeClass
0x16 ParticleClass
0x17 ParticleTypeClass
0x18 ParticleSystemClass
0x19 ParticleSystemTypeClass
0x1A ScriptClass
0x1B ScriptTypeClass
0x1C SideClass
0x1D SmudgeClass
0x1E SmudgeTypeClass
0x1F Special
used for cameos (SW icons)
0x20 SuperWeaponTypeClass
0x21 TaskForceClass
0x22 TeamClass
0x23 TeamTypeClass
0x24 TerrainClass
0x25 TerrainTypeClass
0x26 TriggerClass
0x27 TriggerTypeClass
0x28 UnitTypeClass
0x29 VoxelAnimClass
0x2A VoxelAnimTypeClass
0x2B WaveClass
0x2C TagClass
0x2D TagTypeClass
0x2E TiberiumClass
0x2F TActionClass
0x30 TEventClass
0x31 WeaponTypeClass
0x32 WarheadTypeClass
0x33 WaypointClass
0x34 AbstractClass
0x35 TubeClass
0x36 LightSourceClass
0x37 EMPulseClass
0x38 TacticalClass
0x39 SuperClass
0x3A AITriggerClass
0x3B AITriggerTypeClass
0x3C NeuronClass
0x3D FoggedObjectClass
0x3E AlphaShapeClass
0x3F VeinholeMonsterClass
RA2 only:
0x40 NavyType
0x41 SpawnManagerClass
0x42 CaptureManagerClass
0x43 ParasiteClass
0x44 BombClass
0x45 RadSiteClass
0x46 TemporalClass
YR only:
0x47 AirstrikeClass
0x48 SlaveManagerClass
0x49 DiskLaser