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The C&C Modding Encyclopedia is an open database of modding knowledge maintained by the C&C Editing Community. Due to its wiki character, virtually every user can add, update and improve the information displayed, immediately and directly online.

While theoretically not limited to it, ModEnc's main focus currently is the modding of Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, mostly because the main contributors are YR modders. We'd be more than happy to see a crew of TS, Generals or TW modders join us, to add content specific to these games and engines.

The ultimate goal of ModEnc is to supersede DeeZire's Red Alert 2 and Yuris Revenge INI Editing Guide; not because it is bad in any way, but because it is not being updated anymore, therefore not expandable, and, to be honest, it is partly outdated by now. In addition, ModEnc not only covers the specific flags in the INIs, but also general information about the game, the engine, error messages, modding tools and the community itself.


After an idea of ComradeJ at the DeeZire forums in 2003, ModEnc was founded on Tuesday, 10.08.2004 at around 20:00 CEST by Renegade. The underlying technology is the MediaWiki-script, which also powers the various MediaWiki projects like Wikipedia, Wikiquote and Wikinews. Along the way, we hosted the controversial Who Is Who page, picked up RockPatch pages until they warrented their own namespace, and made sure every flag in The Guide has a page here.

ModEnc is currently hosted at, administrated by the people listed here, and expanded and kept up to date by the community.

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