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Also known as RockPatch 2

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by pd, DCoder, Electro, Renegade, Graion Dilach and AlexB

Release date 2020-12-08
Latest Version 3.0
Homepage Link

End User Information

What is Ares?

Ares is the next generation of Yuri's Revenge modding, recreating most of the features of the original RockPatch and adding a lot more, as well as making it much easier for other people to create their own functionality.

Where is the feature list?

The bugtracker is the place to see all the features that have been requested, and what their current status is. To see what features have currently been implemented, and what ones are planned for the next version, please see the changelog.

A list of new INI Flags can be found here.

Documentation for the most recent stable version can be found here.

How can I request features?

See this page.

Developer Information

How can I contribute to Ares?

See the Contributing to Ares page.