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Welcome to ModEnc
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Welcome to the CnC Modding Encyclopedia, the user-expandable guide to modding Command & Conquer. All RA2/YR INI flags are accessable by typing their name into the box to the left and hitting "Go". In addition, we have a wide range of modding-specific pages dealing with with advanced topics and beginner problems alike, conveniently accessable through ModEnc:Categories or Special:Allpages. If you need tools, graphics, or even whole mods, have a look at our Community Portal, and if you're just bored, hit Random page or join us on IRC.

Enjoy your stay, and don't be afraid to contribute if you can!


Upgrade completed

Today's fixing of the URLs completes the upgrades to the latest version of MediaWiki. Among the changes are autocompletion for the search box and a new diff view for changes.
All links should work normally now. If there are any issues left, let me know.

Part of this upgrade cycle was a complete overhaul of the actual way the software is maintained on the server, this included completely removing the software once. Should this action have led to issues with uploads and or be preventing new uploads from happening, do tell.

ModEnc remains in Maintenance Mode, and there are a lot more changes left to apply. Heed the warnings in the header.

--~ Renegade (SysOp) 01:08, 6 December 2012 (CET)