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All information available on ModEnc is public domain. 
The moment you save your words here, you accept that they can be used by other users beyond your control, that your words may be edited, improved, deleted or otherwise altered without your consent. Or, as the note below the editing window puts it: If you don't want your writing to be edited mercilessly, then don't submit it here.
You do not own any content available on ModEnc. 
The only exception from this are your own, unaltered, marked tutorials. However, the moment they are altered, integrated, improved or anything, they cease to be your original, possessed creation, and as such you cannot claim ownership anymore. This is important for the next paragraph:
The information on ModEnc belongs to all of us. 
Therefore, you not only have the right to edit and add to it, but you also have the right to use it however you like[1]. In order to make sure, however, that credit is given where credit is due, you're required to make known the text is from ModEnc, wherever you use it. That way, people can look up newer versions, can correct errors and look up the authors. The only exception, again, are your own, unaltered, marked tutorials, as it'd be stupid to require you to mention ModEnc when you quote your own tutorial. However, the pattern stays the same: If your tutorial ceases to be your own, through modification or otherwise, you're quoting someone else's work just as you're quoting your own, so you are morally obliged to tell people it's from ModEnc.

  1. In the past, we had a policy of prohibiting the use of ModEnc's information to create a new, competing wiki. Since this created an inconsistency within the license, we dropped that policy. Note, however, that creating a competing wiki with the same information splits an already tiny community, while providing no benefit (since no new information is added). Cooperation is better than competition, in this case.