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This INI file contains the AI unit controls - it specifies what units the AI should use, when, and how. It does not control AI structure placement.

File locations

  • TS version is in tibsun.mix -> local.mix, the patches add a different version to patch.mix.
  • FS version (named aifs.ini) is in expand01.mix. (This mix file also contains ai.ini, which introduces the generic gameplay changes to plain TS as well.)
  • RA2 version is in ra2.mix -> local.mix.
  • YR version (named aimd.ini) is in ra2md.mix -> localmd.mix.


  1. AI wont deploy the Siege Chopper.
    If you want to make the AI use it, you must make it fire from air and use normal attacking script. In very rare cases the AI does deploy the Siege Chopper, but this is only next to their Warfactory like with script:
    0 = 9 , 0
    1 = 8 , 1
  2. If you have a transport in your TaskForce, you can have ONLY 1 with transporting scripts.
    If you have more, the AI will get stuck with it. Also, other units must exactly fit to the transport, so:
    0 = 1 , HTK 
    1 = 4 , IVAN  -or 6

    doesnt work, but 5 does as [IVAN] has Size=1 and [HTK] has Passengers=5

    You can have max of 2 transports by using TeamType 2 in the trigger.
  3. If you use both teamtypes 1+2 to double your TaskForce, check the Max=  of them if AI builds only one.

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