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CnC Retarded

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C&C Retarded
by TheGunrun

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Type Expansion
Release date(s) 2007-2008
Current Version 2.8
Homepage Link

C&C Retarded is the C&C3 rebirth of Zero Hour Retarded a mod created for Zero Hour by TheGunrun. This mod is meant to redefine the word retarded by producing the most fun experience possible in a command and conquer game. TheGunrun's main purpose was to twist the game in the most ridiculous way but also still have that, "I guess these changes might happen in the story.." kinda feel.


  1. Stuff - Like seriously you are better off just playing the mod... Too many changes to type.

The story of C&C Retarded

Something happens which changes everything to, coincidentally, listed in TheGunrun's readme.