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Modified Super Weapons

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Although superweapon behaviour is hardcoded, by changing the art assests and warheads used by a superweapon it is possible to make them appear more suitable for the side that is using them. The psychic dominator can become the ion cannon for instance or the weather storm a meteor shower.

Superweapon Modifications

This section provides rules.ini and art.ini code suggestions for altering the appearence of super weapons in TS and RA2/YR.

Psychic Dominator to Ion Cannon Guide

Intro - This guide will tell you how to change the psychic dominator into an Ion Cannon.

First, find "DominatorCaptureRange=" and change it to "0" as the ion cannon does not capture units.

Second, above it is "DominatorDamage=" if you want you could turn this up for a more damaging beam.

Third, find "[DominatorWH]" and change the entries to "
" you could have the verses different.

Forth, find "DominatorFirstAnim=" & "DominatorSecondAnim=" and change them to your ion beam shp's. If you dont have any made use "IONBEAM" & "CHRONOSB".

There, you're done. Now test it to make sure it works.

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