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Project Perfect Mod

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Project Perfect Mod

Site Type Unknown
Created October 2000
Admin(s) Banshee
URL Link

Project Perfect Mod (or PPM for short) started as a modding group dedicated to make a mod for Tiberian Sun made with everyone's ideas. The whole idea of Project Perfect Mod started with a post from TS in the old Sun Edit 2k forums into all the people merged their modding knowledge and ideas with the intent of producing a sort of perfect mod.

The original PPM project was the TS mod known as PPM: Final Dawn, featuring 2 new sides and more than 70 new units (with new graphics and sounds too), a huge amount of new maps, a new AI and some new gameplay innovations as well as advanced coding underneath.

The group became a huge modification community, which now develops several mods for any C&C game. They also develop modding tools, promote public researchs, events, contests, share resources (graphics, maps, sounds) and share their knowledge to help new modders.