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ModEnc:Bugtracker Workflow Legend

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This page explains the various statuses and resolutions at Operation Bughouse, the bugtracker used to track bugs in Ares/RockPatch 2 and other projects.


Severity Meaning
block This bug prevents further work/progress from being made
crash This bug crashes the application or OS
major This is a major bug
minor This is a minor bug
tweak Not necessarily a bug, but needs tweaking
text For errors in text
trivial For issues almost not noteworthy, but still technically wrong/"fixable"
feature For feature-requests


Status Meaning
new This bug is new in the tracker
feedback The Developers require more information from the original poster to handle this issue (e.g. steps to reproduce)
acknowledged This bug has been looked at but neither confirmed nor assigned
confirmed Bug has been confirmed, but not fixed yet
assigned Bug has been assigned to a developer, i.e. somebody is working on it
resolved Bug should be fixed, waiting for confirmation of fix or no bug was found/no fix issued
closed Resolution has been accepted


Resolution Meaning
open No resolution yet
fixed This issue has been fixed (see Fixed in Version field to see in which version)
reopened This issue has been reopened (e.g. when a supposedly fixed issue still persists)
unable to reproduce The developers were unable to reproduce the issue
not fixable Issue has been confirmed, but cannot be fixed
duplicate This issue was already reported before (see Relationships block)
no change required Issue is reproducible, but not a bug
suspended Work on this bug has been deferred (Note: A suspended bug should not be marked as "resolved")
won't fix Issue has been confirmed, but will not be fixed (e.g. when the system in question is scheduled for removal anyway)