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Present Project

== World War III Mod == for Yuri's Revenge

Current Vesion: 0.25

Status: Under Development

Available From: (just ask for it - only after version is above 0.8...hehe...)

Production Team: 1 (Only Me)

Homeostasis At Present (Russians:US:Dark:Peace) : 45%:45%:5%:5%

Download is Not Available @ Present beacuse of poor status...

        * The Russians andthe US can beat any country in a flash beacuse I've been concentrating on them  lately.
        * The Fourth Side (Peace) Seems to be out of commission beacuse I don't have Rock Patch 1.10....(Other versions have plenty of bugs)
        * The most realistic logics I originally wanted to include is also out of commission beacuse of Rock Patch
        * I have to do everything (from art to rules) all by myself so the speed is quite slow

Please E-Mail me to "" if you want to become part of the production team. All Production Crew Will Get An Up-To-Date Copy of The Mod