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This information might be helpful to you if you want to run Ares from Launch Base.

Running Ares through Launch Base

Launch Base will not run Syringe (or Ares) by default - it only runs Syringe if the mod you are launching requires Ares.

1. Download and install the latest version of Launch Base.

2. Run Launch Base and then launch unmodded Yuri's Revenge to make sure you don't have any trouble with basic Launch Base functions. Configure Launch Base as you see fit (Tools > Options).

3. In the main window, click Ares > Update Syringe & Ares to make sure the Ares download has been sucessful.

If a mod requires Ares, Launch Base should now properly launch it.

Creating a mod with Ares

The information below pertains specifically to creating a Launch Base-compatible mod with Ares.

Everything below should usually not be done manually, and instead be left to Launch Base Mod Creator (which you can get via Tools > Check For Updates).

1. Go to your Launch Base program folder and then "Mods". Inside the "Mods" folder, create a new directory for your mod. Inside that folder, create two folders: "launcher" and "video".

2. In the newly created "launcher" folder, create a flat text file named "liblist.gam". Inside "liblist.gam", copy and paste the following text:


These are just the most basic options. There are many other flags that can be used to customise your mod - experiment with Launch Base Mod Creator to see what options you have.

3. Write some modifications. As it is, your mod can now be used to launch the unmodded game with the latest release of Ares. Many of the new features of Ares, however, require some changes to the INIs and/or the inclusion of additional files. (See AresManual.html for more information.)

4. For now, you should place all mod files inside the "video" folder. Anything placed in the "video" folder will be copied loose to the Red Alert 2 folder.

In other words: Your mod should reside in the "video" folder in a state in which the game could read it, were it in the game folder. (All files properly mix'd, etc.)

5. Test away! If you have any problems or questions about the above instructions or using Ares with Launch Base then please post them in the forums. Problems/questions with Launch Base in general please post in the Launch Base beta test thread.