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Boss Generals

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Boss Generals
by Mad-X

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Type Expansion
Release date(s) 16/10/2007
Current Version R3
Homepage Link

Boss Generals is a mod for Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour made by Breno "Maddox" Silva. It is a "General"-ized version of Zero Hour (meaning that the mod returns the game to a Generals format with only the generic factions being playable) in which the nine generals of ZH have been filtered out, along with the Campaign Missions, and the USA, Chinese, and GLA factions have been upgraded to Boss status with new units and technologies, like the respective Laser Paladin, Nuclear Battlemaster and Toxin Marauder (or "ToxMara", with a rotating turret) tanks. Also included is a new music theme and title screen (a critically damaged Sino-American base at night with USA and Chinese forces being assaulted by GLA units) and 6 new mp3 songs, two per faction: "Ready the Army Remix" (the shorter version of Frank Klepacki's Red Alert 2 theme) and "Face the Enemy" for Boss USA; "Reaching Out" and "Hell March 2" for Boss China; and "GLA Hunger" and "GLA Chant" for the GLA, obviously.

This mod gives gamers the freedom to pick a "gen plan" in the beginning of each skirmish (which, some claim, makes the game more fun and less restrictive) and use Hero Powers such as Colonel Burton's E-Shock Grenade (a fuel air bomb-related attack), Black Lotus's Seduce Ability (a smaller-scale version of Defector), and Jarmen Kell's Demoralize Ability (which drops captives out of a plane without parachutes to frighten the enemy). New game modes include AoD (Art of Defense), with a difficult AI, and CTF (Capture the Flag), which removes supplies and limits tech trees, forcing the player to rely solely on capturing flags for profit and base building. The faction symbols have been replaced by golden versions with five stars each (five stars stand for elite command, or "Boss" status). Due to its unique style and creativity, Boss Generals is a must have for Generals fans.