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Buildable Practice Targets

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You have propably noticed the 'bullseye' entry in the rules, commented as 'earning veterancy for a little GI'. Now, the cost of the bullseye is set to 600 (*3 GI's cost, which is the default veterancy threshold), and when placed on a map, it will be owned by the neutral player. However, made buildable and placed by the player in-game, it would of course be owned by the player who placed it. And that means that no veterancy will be scored for killing it with one of your own units. If you want to have a buildable practice target, this is obviously not the way to it.

In order to make the practice target neutrally-owned even when placed by a player, add CanBeOccupied to it, but define the number of possible occupants (MaxOccupants tag)as 0. CanBeOccupied will cause the building to switch to neutral ownership once placed, but since you obviously do not want the building to actually be occupyable, you need to set the number of occupants to 0. When not owned by you, your soldiers will be promoted for destroying these target.

Just as a side note: Of course, this method can be used for any building that should be neutral-owned upon being placed by the player, just in case you find another implementation where this feature would be useful.

NOTICE: This logic is not valid in YR, because the exploit was fixed for making battle bunkers owned by the building faction without being occupied. it DOES work in RA2, however