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Bunker Barracks Evacuation Issues

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This article talks about a Bunker Barracks, however any Factory structure, including Construction Yards, War Factories, and Airfields suffer from the same problem.

If you have ever tried to add the functionality of an infantry bunker (see: Bunkers) to a Barracks, you may have noticed difficulty in evacuating it (ordering the infantry out). Because more than one Barracks can be constructed but infantry can only be produced from one of them, Red Alert 2 uses the "Primary Factory" system. To set a non-primary Barracks to the primary one so that infantry will be produced from it, the player selects the Barracks and then clicks on it once the deploy cursor appears. However, the same action is also used to evacuate a garrisoned structure. This is another case of coding ambiguity, in which the game engine is confused about which action it should take. In this case, a primary Barracks will not be able to be evacuated, while a non-primary Barracks will be evacuated whenever it it set as primary, regardless of the player's intention.

This can be frustrating, because it interferes with gameplay, causing the player to take extra steps to achieve the desired effect. Unfortunately there is no way to remedy this, and it must either be accepted as a limitation, or the infantry bunker logic should simply not be used with the Barracks.