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Flag: ButtonList
File(s): ui(md).ini
Values: AttackMove, AutoDeploy, Beacon, Cheer, Deploy, Guard, PlanningMode, Stop, Team01, Team02, Team03, TypeSelect
Special Values: x
Applicable to: AdvancedCommandBar, MultiplayerAdvancedCommandBar

ButtonList= is the only flag used in ui(md).ini, and, in turn, is only used in it. It can be used in ui(md)'s two only sections, AdvancedCommandBar and MultiplayerAdvancedCommandBar, and controls, as the sections' names suggest, what buttons appear in the Advanced Command Bar in both single and Multiplayer. Legal values for it are:

Value What does the Button do? Hotkey
AttackMove The unit selected will fire upon enemy objects whilst moving towards it's destination. [Ctrl]+[Shift]+Left Click
AutoDeploy Marked "Currently unsupported."; if it worked, the unit would auto-deploy when necessary. None
Beacon Used for placing beacons in Multiplayer; can be added to the Single Player list, but, even if it works, is pretty useless there. B
Cheer All of your units cheer. C
Deploy Orders the unit to deploy itself. D
Guard Orders the unit to guard the area. G
PlanningMode Turns the Waypoint Planning Mode on and off (other than with the hotkey, which you have to hold during the planning). Z
Stop Orders the unit to stop. S
Team01 Selects Team 1. 1
Team02 Selects Team 2. 2
Team03 Selects Team 3. 3
TypeSelect Selects all units of the same type on the screen (or globally, if hit two times). T
In addition, "x" is possible as a value. It leaves that space on the Command Bar empty. This is useful to seperate certain groups of buttons from each other.