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Combat Lighting

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Combat Lighting (by Tratos)

This tutorial will teach you how to change the size and color of the light flashes you see when certain weapons explode. For the purposes of this tutorial i will be adding a green glow to the Desolator's Rad Beam. Firstly, find the weapon you want to add the light flash to. In my case it is [RadBeamWeapon]. Add the code


to the end of the weapons code, this tells the game to draw the light flash where the weapon hits. You may see this tag on some warheads too, but it is ignored for them and only works when included in the weapon code.

Next, find the warhead of the weapon, I am using [RadBeamWarhead].

I will be adding a green flash to the warhead, but if you want the light flash to be white you can skip this part of the tutorial.

Add the following code to your warhead,


The values that you should use are true or false. This is the complicated bit. The tags above are used to tell the game to remove certain colours from the light flash. In my case i used the following code,


to make the flash green. However, you can make it a multitude of colours using different combinations. For example, disabling red, but leaving blue and green enabled will give you a yellow flash. Unfortunatly you are restricted by the three colours you see above, and as you cannot set values other than on or off you can only have a few select colours. You can also use the following code on the warhead,


to determine the radius of the light flash, the value should be a percent value (e.g. 50%, or 200%). Experiment with different values to see what you get.

And that's it, using this tutorial you should be able to add different coloured flashs to your explosions. Good ideas for their use are blue flashes on tesla bolts, yellow flashes on the over-powered yellow tesla bolts, red flashes for fire weapons, green flashes for radiation weapons etc...

Below i have listed all the possible combinations of colour:


=Red Glow


=Blue glow


=Green glow


=Magenta glow


=Cyan glow


=Yellow glow

A table for easier comparing

CLDisable Red Blue Green Magenta Cyan Yellow
CLDisableRed= false true true false true false
CLDisableGreen= true true false true false false
CLDisableBlue= true false true false false true