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Flag: Description
File(s): Battle(md).ini / RandMap.sed
Values: string / Hexadecimal
Applicable to: Battle(md).ini / RandMap.sed

In Battle(md).ini

In Battle(md).ini, this flag controls the name of the campaign to which it is attached. In Tiberian Sun, you can just type in the text you want, but in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, this takes the form of a CSF string, which must be placed in ra2(md).csf.

Description=Type your campaign name (Tiberian Sun)
Description=DESC:*  (Red Alert 2)

In RandMap.sed

In Random Map Seed files, this tag denotes the name assigned to this map by the programmer creating it. In Tiberian Sun, this was just a normal text field, but in Red Alert 2 it has become a hexadecimal string. In both cases however, it just reads 'Random Map'. This name is what appears on the Skirmish and Multiplayer screens whenever a game is created.

Description=Random Map  (Tiberian Sun)
Description=52,61,6e,64,6f,6d,20,4d,61,70,  (Red Alert 2)