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EMP To Meteor Storm

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Before you do anything, read

Important Note: First of all, you can keep the EMP superweapon, but it is preferable you don't as you will have an EMP SW which uses a Meteor Storm Icon, also I will be replacing the EMP Weapon on the Cannon with the Meteor Storm weapon, you can create this on a new building if you want but it is recommended you don't.

Resources Needed

  • (Optional) A cameo for the meteor storm SW - there is already one in the game files so this is not entirely necessary
  • (Optional) A building for your superweapon - again this is not completely necessary as you can replace the weapon on the EMP cannon.


NOTE: All comments on each tag (text after the ';') can still be added to the rules file as the game does not read anything after a semicolon.

1. Open art.ini and find [METLARGE], [METSMALL] and [METDEBRI] Change the Damage= line to something more substantial, I used 120 for the large meteor and 50 for the small meteor. Give the debris a damage of 10. The current damage level means ANYTHING will be destroyed by a meteor impact.

2. Open rules.ini and find [EMPulseSpecial], this is the EMP superweapon that we will be converting.

3. Now edit the tags on the EMP SW to the following:
NOTE: I have only included relevant tags that need changing, you can change the voices if you want.

Name=Meteor Storm     ;name shown on icon
RechargeTime=7        ;time before SW is ready (in mins)
SidebarImage=METRICON ;the game's Meteor Storm Icon

4. Now go to the Weapon Statistics area and add this code

; meteor storm superweapon trigger
Damage=1              ;needs to be 1
ROF=60                ;irrelevant
Range=600             ;needs to be 600 or some other high value
Speed=100             ;needs to be 100 (meteors will attack instantly)
Report=none           ;no firing sound

5. And in the Projectiles area add this:

; meteor storm 'projectile' (controls. no of meteors)
Inviso=yes            ;so you can't see the trigger
Image=none            ;again, so you can't see the trigger
Cluster=5             ;this tag is very important as it controls the no. of meteors that will fall

6. Now add xx=MeteorStormWH to the [Warheads] list (where xx is the next free number). Then in the Warheads area add this code:

; warhead that spawns the meteors
Verses=0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%,0%   ;so the trigger doesn't damage anything
AnimList=METLARGE,METSMALL                ;the meteors themselves
ProneDamage=0%                            ;see verses tag comment

7. Now just find the building you want to add it to. If you can't be bothered, just leave it on the EMP Cannon building [NAPULS]

8. Also, change the EMP Cannon's (or whatever building you added it to) Primary= to MeteorStormSW.

You're finished

Congratulations you have now added a Meteor Storm to TS. Also, the comments (the text after the semicolons) that I've added to the code can be deleted, they aren't necessary, they're just to tell anyone who doesn't know what the tags mean what they are and what they do.