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"FLH" is a shorthand expression for a weapon's firing offset, meaning "Forward, Lateral, Height". A firing offset is measured in leptons, and represents a distance from an object's (or its turert/barrel, if it has them) 0,0,0 point (See Voxel Bounds). It is a per-weapon-slot value, meaning each weapon an object has can have a separate FLH, defined by, depending on the weapon slot, PrimaryFireFLH, SecondaryFireFLH, WeaponXFLH, their corresponding Elite versions and AlternateFLHX.

It takes a value in the form of three comma-separated signed integers, where:

  • the first number specifies the offset along the X axis;
  • the second number specifies the offset along the Y axis (which can be alternated with Burst);
  • the third number specifies the offset along the Z axis.