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Glossary of Common Editing Terms

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  • AI - Artificial Intelligence.
  • Cameo/build icon - The image you see in the sidebar, usually with the name underneath
  • Comment - anything that appears after a semicolon in the INIs. Not read by the game, they are used to comment on the purpose of code to make it clear for future editing (eg: ;Must use this tag for unit to function).
    Note that a double forward slash (//) can also be used instead of a semicolon, as can be seen at the [Radiation], [ElevationModel] and [WallModel] sections and on the Mirage Tank's primary weapon warhead. Note though that the double slash can cause issues with XCC Mod Creator.
  • Frame - Time measurement, at middle speed setting 15 frames=1second.
  • HVA - A file that dictates the animation of a voxel(if any), and placement of sections. Should a unit only have a VXL file, but no HVA file, the unit will be rendered invisible and use the xxicon.shp (RA2 logo with "Missing Cameo" caption) as it's cameo.
  • INI - Text files stored inside of the game controlling various data.
  • Section - The part of the INI file describing a certain unit or object. Starts with a [NAME], followed by list of Tag=Value form data.
  • SHP - A 2-D object used by the game. Can be an animation, cameo, unit(walker or infantry), or building.
  • Unit - Any object ingame. Soldiers, vehicles, aircraft, and vessels.

(original version by DCoder)