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LaunchBase:Skin Creation

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Overview | Skin Creation | Mod Integration

LaunchBase supports custom skins, they're stored in LaunchBase\Skins. The skins are easily created in .bmp files. Note: LaunchBase reduces the images down to 256 colors. Saving the files with this color depth would reduce the filesize.

Filename Skin element Dimensions
tab0.bmp Mods Tab Background 601x361
tab1.bmp Plugins Tab Background 601x361
tab2.bmp FinalAlert 2 Mods Background 601x361
tab3.bmp Tools Tab Background 601x361
btna0.bmp Mods Manual Button 152x20
btna1.bmp Plugins Manual Button 152x20
btna2.bmp FinalAlert 2 Mods Manual Button 152x20
btna3.bmp Tools Manual Button 152x20
btnb0r.bmp Launch Mod Button for RA2 Mods 152x20
btnb0y.bmp Launch Mod Button for YR Mods 152x20
btnb1r.bmp Install Plugin Button for RA2 Plugins 152x20
btnb1y.bmp Install Plugin Button for YR Plugins 152x20
btnb2.bmp Launch Mod Button for FinalAlert2 Mods 152x20
btnb3.bmp Launch Programm Button 152x20
btnb4r.bmp Uninstall Plugin Button for RA2 plugins 152x20
btnb4y.bmp Uninstall Plugin Button for YR plugins 152x20

The properties of the skin are stored in the skin.ini file. The values of colors are hexadecimal (e.g. #FFFFFF for white)

Name=[Name of the skin]

TextNeutral=[Color of general labels]
TextGood=[Color of a label that shows that a prerequisite was satisfied]
TextBad=[Color of a label that shows that a prerequisite was not satisfied]
TextURL=[Color of website URLs]
TextURLActive=[Color of website URLs when moused over]
TextList=[Color of list entries]
List=[Color of list background]