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List of files in setup.mix

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The contents of the setup.mix file, found in the SETUP folder of the game CD.

Red Alert 2

File name Format Description Palette
002CE124 AUD Click sound
0BD5043D AUD Menu item sound
4144359C AUD Iris open
7117D2C1 AUD Beep
88D455FD AUD Low Deactivate sound
90EA7029 AUD Camera sound
B1C4F2DD AUD 'Static whoosh'
B1C914DD AUD Short 'static whoosh'
C791894C AUD "Altough an aristocrat and a member of the communist party, Romanov was an advocate of peace."
C7918B4C AUD "Current satellite intelligence indicates that Romanov may not be acting in good faith."
C7918D4A AUD "Encryption code required, you have thirty seconds to comply."
C7918D4C AUD "Soviet warships have been spotted, moving at high speed into the Atlantic."
C7918F4A AUD "Security clearence complete, customize combat software commander."
C7918F4C AUD "This man, known only as Yuri, may be responsible for shutting down our entire covert intelligence network in the soviet union."
C791914A AUD "Combat software fully customized. Proceed to militiary intelligence emergency briefing."
C791914C AUD "Ever since Yuri became Romanov's chief advisor, relations with the Soviet Union have deteriorated, our in-country agents are missing, some have been seen collaborating with KGB operatives."
C791934A AUD "In 1946, Einstein used his chronosphere device to go back in time and forever alter history."
C791934C AUD "We need to prepare for the worst, commander: War with the Soviets.
C791954A AUD "Einstein's good intentions however upset the delicate balance of world powers, allowing Josef Stalin to lead communist russia in a major invasion of Europe.
C791954C AUD "The following are technical specs on current battlefield weapon systems. Observe carefully commander, you may have to command these units in combat.
C791974A AUD "Initially the Soviet invasion was succesfull, and soon it appeared that the British would be the last free people in Europe."
C791994A AUD "But the European Allies rallied, eventually smashing the communist war machine."
C7919B4A AUD "With Stalin's defeat, this man, Alexander Romanov came to power with the blessing of Allied commanders."
C7A23518 AUD Click sound
D6A1C973 AUD In Deep
F752CD5C AUD Menu sound
19C12F18 Bitmap Einstein's lab
2E53912F Bitmap Romanov in office
33F8777F Bitmap Tanks in city
3E53912F Bitmap Romanov speech
42CSE1FE Bitmap Mirage tank
48723214 Bitmap Stalin face
52C1456E Bitmap Tank destroyer
53B6E434 Bitmap Dreadnought
5496E434 Bitmap Dreadnought in binoculars
757EC1F5 Bitmap Allied MCV
7A814AF5 Bitmap Soviet MCV
845CB6FF Bitmap Yuri and Romanov
8D2D65F0 Bitmap Satellite picture
8FA8F181 Bitmap Kirov airship
96298E25 Bitmap Einstein
9778720C Bitmap Soviet invasion map
9ADFECF8 Bitmap Yuri face
9F3C4696 Bitmap Grizzly battle tank
A1C82DA8 Bitmap Blank frame
A83C4B21 Bitmap Tesla tank
AA42B8FE Bitmap Terror Drone
AE788929 Bitmap Empty menu and center
B1D51F00 Bitmap Closed iris and blank menu
B1D71F00 Bitmap Closed iris and blank menu with RA2 logo
B6708929 Bitmap License agreement open
B6788929 Bitmap Empty menu and center with meter
B9824920 Bitmap Cursor
C6199B82 Bitmap Tanks firing in forest
CF1981EF Bitmap Prism Tank
E5916138 Bitmap "Top Secret Weapons Profiles" over blank frame
E59545B3 Bitmap Soviet Amphibious Transport
F14C0542 Bitmap V3 Launcher
sub.bmp Bitmap Typhoon Attack Sub
297C46E0 PAL
317C46E0 PAL
397C46E0 PAL
A4717800 PAL
E2D9133C PAL
F2D9133C PAL
1AD1D025 SHP Plus in square (?) Unknown
3AA10COB SHP Circle (button?) Unknown
134B6332 SHP License accept 297C46E0
2012EC16 SHP RA2 logo 397C46E0
AA717C07 SHP Triangle, light frame 29C746E0
C5FB51AF SHP Cursor and hourglass EEB3CA60
D6D75E64 SHP License info coming over iris and opening 397C46E0
D7A81630 SHP Blank menu item moving out and coming out with black area 29C746E0
DAB17B12 SHP X in square Unknown
E4DB515B SHP 1px dots of unknown use Unknown
E6E0163C SHP Clicked red menu item E2D9133C
E9490E87 SHP Meter uncovering blank area 29C746E0
EA92E578 SHP Iris opening 397C46E0
EEE0163C SHP Orange glow menu item EAD9133C
F0D93E1E SHP RA2 menu needle same as sdwrnanm.shp, 3rd byte in file has wrong value breaking XCC handling. unknown
F6E0163C SHP Strong glow menu item F2D9133C
FEE0163C SHP White blank menu item 297C46E0