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Matze's tools

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This page is a list of all modding tools created by Matze (Matthias Wagner, aka TheMatze).


FinalSun is a map editor for Tiberian Sun.


FinalAlert is a map editor for Red Alert 2.

FinalAlert 2

FinalAlert 2 is a map editor for Red Alert 2 (the YR suffix on later versions symbolises support for Yuri's Revenge), the successor of FinalAlert. Version 1.01 was endorsed by Westwood as "the RA2 map editor", Matze later released version 1.02 featuring restored support for several TS features (Westwood demanded these fetaures be removed from 1.01) as an "Unofficial update".


RA2StrEdit is a CSF editor.


FinalBIG is a BIG file viewer. (An equivalent of XCC Mixer for games using BIG files, such as Generals, Zero Hour, BFME and BFME 2. The latest version also supports Star Wars : Empire at War.)

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