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Mental Omega

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Mental Omega is a game modification invented by the Polish mod leader Speeder (SpeederYR) to enhance Command and Conquer Yuri's Revenge by evening out the technologies of all three factions: Allies, Soviets, and Yuri. This mod gives the Soviets and Yuri a new airfield, a new Yuri Ore Refinery, a new Yuri hero unit (Rahn, the genetically engineered soldier), and new campaign modes. The following is a promotional ad for the enhancement:

Have you ever wondered why Westwood has made third side, in Red Alert 2's addon - Yuri's Revenge, so imbalanced and poor at once? Yuri's side had less units than Allies and Soviets, but most of his forces were seriously overpowered. Cheap Magnetron was pulling enemy tanks all the time, and it was difficult to stop them, while additionally Yuri was using Masterminds with their infinite mind-control to take over pulled units, cloaked Boomer Submarines were moving close to enemy base and destroying Construction Yards by cruise missiles quickly, as it was a matter of luck to notice Boomers firing quickly enough and stop them almost at the beginning of the game, Gattling Cannons were taking enemy aircrafts off very easily as well as infantry, Magnetron was a serious threat dropping miners at refineries, AI was too stupid to destroy enemy Psychic Towers without moving it's own units through defense's fire zone e.t.c. These and many other imbalances were annoying players so much, that they have decided to kick Yuri's army from online multiplayer games. But hiding those bad sides of Yuri's army, his fans, and those who really know how to play, even against Yuri, always noticed that he had only one country to play as in skirmish game, only TWO naval units, even with only one to attack, no air armada, only SIX trooper types and 8 armored units, without serious assault ones. Also, third side was using Slave Miners to gather resources, which were totally unuseful against real players, as they were sending snipers or SEALs to kill slaves and block Yuri from getting ore. Though it was liked by many of the players, it was imbalanced, even when it was mobile and could move very close to the mining fields. Many people say that Yuri's side is imbalanced, but not the whole YR gaming community. those first never truly noticed that other ones are also too powerful in some cases, and too weak in different ones...

Mental Omega APYR is [the] unofficial expansion set for C&C Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge (Westwood Studios - 2001). Making it, I decided to make each army more equalized - each of three sides will have [its] own strong and weak points - and divide Epsilon (formerly Yuri) [in]to four countries, in order to make it more similar to the Allies and Soviets. The other aims of MO, are to expand whole game, make it better, more interesting and challenging, fix each known bug ingame and add most needed stuff and some extra units to increase the fun. You won't find such units which destroys whole bases with one shot though. You will find new units and additions very unique, bringing whole new magic to the game. MO is supposed to increase your interests in this excellent strategy game as people leave it after a short time, because they think it has nothing special in it - the only tactics used in game is to build large number of most powerful units and rush [the] enemy base, leaving [the] computer, and going for a cup of tea, waiting while the tanks obliterate [the] AI. The other things that make people leave YR, are present, high-tech games. Of course, they look much better than YR, because today we have way better technology, but even when YR is old, it is still great game, with own unique gameplay, climate and taste. With MO, you will get new exclusive features, and lots of fixed things, that EA and Westwood didn't manage to fix as they made only one patch for this game, and left YR system. This modification will also make each existing unit more interesting and attractive to be built. Each unit has now [its] own purpose to be used in game, which also forces [you] to think a bit more during the battle what to use now.

Mental Omega APYR also provides you whole new storyline and lots of maps, including campaign (singleplayer ones will come as expansion). As you remember, one of the worst points in Yuri's Revenge was Yuri's campaign missing - you could only join Allied or Soviet forces and try to defeat Yuri in the next war, so Yuri always had to lose. In Mental Omega APYR, Yuri returns, it looks like he hasn't been eaten by the tyrranosaurus, and with help of Epsilon he arrived back to present times. He managed to create perfect clone of himself - Uri and then with his help, he corrupted all Soviet countries, making soviet forces his slaves. With half of world on his commands he is preparing to head Allies in the last battle for domination. But Soviets haven't been destroyed yet! Some of survivors are hiding in Ural mountains so Yuri sent his forces to find and deal with them. Beause whole year ellapsed after the second Great War, each side of this conflict has constructed new deadly devices to win this ultimate battle. Allies are being attacked, Soviets are almost destroyed, Yuri is dominating the half of Earth. Who will win? Allies, Soviets,Yuri or maybe someone totally different? The third Great War has begun!


  1. Over 40 new equipment units, each unique in it's way
  2. 36 Single Player and 18 Multiplayer Campaigns, 12 and 6 per faction respectively, for Act I that is.
  3. New tech buildings
  4. Uses Ares DLL
  5. 70 new skirmish/multiplayer maps
  6. 14 skirmish/multiplayer game modes
  7. All known Yuri's Revenge bugs fixed
  8. 9 new subfactions - 3 Soviet, 3 Allied and 3 Epsilon
  9. Reconstructed Yuri's Army - the Epsilon
  10. Specific subfaction units and specializations
  11. Balance of all three nations
  12. Enhanced Artifical Intelligence
  13. Lots of graphical and sound enhancements
  14. New themes and soundtrack
  15. A secret unit?

...and many more features soon to be available!

The story of Mental Omega

Teamed-up forces of Allies and Soviets have destroyed Yuri's Fortress in Transylvania, ending the war and decreasing power of PsiCorps to minimal, and safe for the rest of the world. All Psychic Dominators have been destroyed, and humanity has been freed from Yuri's total mind-control. Unluckily, Yuri managed to escape from fortress ruins, before the united armies have started to look for him. He decided to use the Time Machine, designed by prof. Einstein in order to go back to the past, and destroy Psychic Dominators before they were activated. When he was trying to use the Time Machine to escape, Soviets charged up the device and released it's power when Yuri arrived in the Jurrassic Age. He was trapped in the past, with lightning storm over his head, near the hungry dinosaur, and unpowered time-travel unit. But who said he has been killed and eaten by a jurrassic creature?

The Great Return...

When information about Yuri, trapped in past, arrived to last, secret PsiCorps Command Center hidden on Sahara desert, commanders of Yuri's army decided to send the best forces to capture another Einstein's Time Machine - which has been built by him after Yuri's ultimate loss, for time-travel research - power it and use to bring their master back to the present time. Psi-Corp forces managed to break through guards defending the Time Machine and one of Chronosphere Devices. As they have captured and powered both devices, they were able to go back to the past, with the same coordinates as Yuri's (nobody knows how did they got those though) and find their master. The search for Yuri in the Jurrassic Age didn't last long , because miniaturised Psychic Sensors transported to the past have located the position of Yuri's Time Machine as it was emitting some signals, even while being unpowered. Yuri has been rescued and he arrived back (again) nearly a month after he has been trapped in the past.

To prevent another failure, Yuri decided to use his high-developed mind control and hypnosis technologies, to recreate his deadly weapon which will provide Yuri ultimate control over the world. While he has left his best sciencist on Antarctica, he decided to continue with construction of a new network of improved Psychic Dominators in order to corrupt most powerful nation of the world, starting new millenium with his reign. His plan got on even further - in the ruins of old PsiCorps base on Tibrena Island, in hidden underground Cloning Facilities, Yuri created an almost perfect killing machine. When Allies and Soviets didn't know what is being prepared, somewhere on the ocean Rahn has been created, and the new age has begun. But an almost perfect killing machine and a developed network of Psychic Dominators weren't everything of Yuri's ultimate plan.

The Perfect Revenge...

Months passed. During that time, Soviets managed to start advanced space projects. Allied with the Allies, they decided to stop all wars against them and continue existence as a great powerful union in order to prevent another fall of their great power. Although even in peace they kept developing their army, and managed to create many new useful equipment, which could be used in other conflicts in the future. And yes, a new conflict started just after almost a year. Soviets noticed PsiCorps forces in Soviet Union and other "red" countries. Soon after these events surprised Soviets were attacked by enemy forces. Moscow has fallen under massive rush of unknown cloaked vehicles, which division has sabotaged all of Russian Nuclear Reactors. Premier Romanov was shocked when he saw Yuri back and alive. Soviets were trying to defend from his attacks, but PsiCorps managed to conquer all Soviet countries and their neighbours. As Yuri has corrupted the main soviet country - Russia, other Soviet countries have been attacked by rest of Epsilon assault divisions. PsiCorp's new deadly forces and old units were one of reasons the Soviets lost the battle, although the main reason was the total new technology - Psychic Interrupters, which were equipped on tanks, making them invisible, so those could move through Soviet defences and attack from inside of their basements. The Kremlin has been captured by PsiCorps and became new command center, where Yuri commands. Other Soviet countries have almost been totally destroyed by rest of Epsilon cells. Those who survived the massacre in Russia, managed to escape and hide somewhere in the Ural mountains. They knew they must contact Allies and try to stop PsiCorps, even if it was that bad, but they didn't know about Yuri's tower...

Allies got to know PsiCorps hasn't been destroyed and it managed to corrupt Soviet countries, when Yuri send transmission to the White House where he said a "Hello" speech to Allied leaders. They knew only someone stole their second Time Machine, about a year ago. Everyone was shocked, maybe even more than Romanov was, when they saw Yuri alive and speaking to them. Yuri said his army is much powerful than ever, and Soviets are finally in his hands, because he managed to conquer their army and empire. He said that Allies will be defeated as well, as he owns a special weapon now, and their empire will fall soon. After his last words the transmission has been aborted. Suddenly everything started to shake. After a while everyone living in the capital of United States could watch Psychic Dominator being deployed in Washington DC and activated, releasing a psychic wave.

The Mental Omega...

Yuri announced the creation of a great Epsilon empire - the most powerful army ever seen on Earth and commanded by him. Soviets have been almost defeated by the Epsilon and most of the United States have been mind-controlled by Psychic Dominator, even President Dugan and Allied leaders now obey Yuri. But Yuri hasn't won yet. There is one last Soviet army in 4-G base in mountains, that has survived his invasion and not all humans have been mind-controlled by his Psychic Dominator. Those had the hope, they knew, that survived forces of Allies and Soviets still have enough power to stop Epsilon and they will try to do it. When Yuri was trapped and PsiCorps forces weren't attacking them, they have developed their technologies and they are able to win the last ultimate war against Yuri! But... do they know what they are really fighting against? Nobody except Yuri and the Epsilon know about the secret weapon which is being hidden in the snows of Antarctica...