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Official Content
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This page details official policies by the ModEnc Administration intended to protect this place from vandals, spammers and n00bs, as well as keeping a certain level of order. It is not conclusive and not binding for the Administration. It merely serves as a guideline for you to anticipate the reaction you'll get for certain behaviors.

Revision Spam

A maximum of three revisions in close succession by the same user will be allowed. A fourth and fifth might be tolerated if they include valuable information. If they don't, or if you move on to a sixth revision, you will be subject to a three day ban for revision spam. This is necessary due to the fact that each hit on the "Save page" button saves a page in the database, using up space, and saves a revision in the history, burying the "real" revisions under dozens of useless edits.
That, and the fact that we propagated the existence of the preview-button often enough by now.

Spam-revision will not be marked as patrolled, so other users become aware of their doubtful nature.

Unexplained Removal of Information

While we do appreciate you revising a page, there is no way for us to determine whether you're vandalizing or "contributing" to a page by removing information unless you provide an explanatory editing summary. Therefore, omitting the summary and leaving us guessing why content was removed will probably lead to a rollback of your revision.

Anonymous Editing of "Maintained" Pages

Make sure you are logged in when editing pages about projects who are maintained by the projects' admins; an anonymous "update" of RockPatch:Status, for example, while we know pd has an account here and uses it to maintain that page, looks more like a mischievous attempt to spread rumors and pressure pd than a genuine report on progress. Such edits will usually not be patrolled, so users are aware of their suspiciousness, and, should the maintainer revert them later, will result in a ban.

Violation of Wishlist Rules

Wishlists have rules attached for a reason. If nobody adhered to the Wishlist rules, it'd be a useless battlefield for edit wars. Therefore, obey the wishlist rules. This will especially be enforced for the "add your wish to the bottom of the list" rule. This rule is the only thing ensuring that all wishes are created equal. Wishes added anywhere other than the bottom of the appriopriate list will be removed.