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MooMan's Rules

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MooMan's Rules
by MooMan

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Type Expansion
Release date(s) 21.09.2002
Current Version 3.0
Homepage Link

MooMan's Rules was the first modification created by MooMan that was to be released to the general public in the end.


After experiencing the in-depth modding procedures that Red Alert 2 offers, MooMan set about creating a smaller modification which adjusted the existing game into something that provided the average gamer with what they wanted, a lot more war toys to play with and countless numbers of graphical tweaks to keep the game fresh.

MooMan's Rules also has a expansion set to it, the Assault Expansion.

Changes with version 3.0

Here is a small rundown on some of the features the newest version, V3.0, adds in:

  • Full dual support with Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge!
  • More special country units/structures added! Now each side boasts 4 unique abilities!
  • 8 NEW skirmish and online game modes. Including the unique Assault Game Mode (Assault Expansion only)
  • Fully online (Internet and LAN) compatible!
  • AI now is more of a challenge, building larger forces and uses many of the new units and structures.
  • Enables a number of obsolete code, graphics, sounds and animations!

This gives you an idea of what to expect when you play MooMan's Rules. If you are convinced that you want to try the mod now, you can download the main mod and expansions here!

They are in self extracting ZIP or .zip files to help reduce the chance of corrupted downloads, just extract the files to your RA2/YR directory and run the game normally!