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Flag: Palette
File(s): art(md).ini
Values: Strings: Normal text.
Applicable to: Animations

Game rp yes.pngThis flag is part of the RockPatch.

Template:RockPatchFlag This flag lets you use any palette with animations. Simply add the Palette tag to the animation in question. The value for this tag is the filename of the palette with the .PAL extension, e.g.


You are limited to 31 characters on the filename. If the above tag was added to an animation, it would then be drawn using 'myanim.pal' rather than the default palette.

Removing the .PAL file extension causes the theater to be appended to the filename ingame. Going with the previous example, using:


then the game will try to load 'myanimtem.pal' on temperate maps; 'myanimsno.pal' on arctic maps; 'myanimdes.pal' on desert maps; 'myanimurb.pal' on urban maps; 'myanimlun.pal' on lunar maps; and 'myanimubn.pal' on new urban maps. The actual 'myanim.pal' file would not be used at all.

Note: Do not use the AltPalette tag along with this one, as AltPalette will override the function of this tag.