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by DeeZire

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Type Expansion
Release date(s) ?
Current Version 2.6 (Director's Cut)
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Pro:Gen is a modification created by DeeZire for Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour that restores all of the features Electronic Arts disabled in the original game, adds some new units to most of the factions (the exception is the Stealth General, who receives a sniper Quad Cannon), re-enables Boss General Leang as a playable faction and gives her elite Chinese technology instead of mixed technology from the three generic sides, and adds 2 new Boss factions to the game: US Boss General Ironside and GLA Boss General "Deathstrike", who use elite USA and GLA technologies respectively.

The mod also re-enables the Challenge maps for generals Rodall Juhziz and "Anvil" Shin Fai, giving the player 9 opponents instead of 6 to battle in the Generals Challenge Campaign. When one chooses a regular General, one must now fight the Boss representing the chosen General's side at the end (i.e., if one chooses General Townes, the American Laser General, one must face USA Boss General Ironside at the end). When a Boss General is chosen, one must fight against all nine regular Generals in the Campaign.

Since it is an open source modification, Pro:Gen is easy to modify and derivative works can be made from it. The latest version is version 2.6 (Director's Cut) which adds 21 Generals missions (1) to the 15 Zero Hour ones (2). The mod also adds in three missions that EA cut out of the final version of Generals for a total of 39 missions, 13 per side (the Zero Hour missions are numbered 9-13). In the final five missions, the reporter briefings are removed and replaced by intel briefings by the EVA voices of the game, the same as in the General missions. Instead of unit cameos, images of three Generals for the chosen faction are shown in the upper right corner of the screen.

Note: The older Pro:Gen mod for Generals (latest version 1.9) is no longer available at; you can download it at the ModDB website. Version 1.9 omits the Campaign missions and gives the player 9 Generals with modifications to some units' build costs and veterancies. The Command Centers of the nine generals are also given unique models to reflect their strategies.

Important Note: Beware of any flaws in the Pro:Gen modification, like the infinite flame thrower scene in USA 6 (Operation: Blue Eagle); the Dragon Tank will not destroy the lone Rocket Buggy in the mission's intro movie. This problem can be corrected in WorldBuilder.

Another important note is the lack of AI scripts for the Boss Generals. When you fight against a Boss in Skirmish mode, the computer doesn't do anything with its command center and builder. Players can cheat the game this way.

Pro:Gen mod downloads:

Pro:Gen 1.9 (for Generals only), Windows version: Pro:Gen 2.6 DC, Mac version: Pro:Gen 2.6 DC, Windows version: Version 2.4, Windows version:



1 Generals Game Guide

2 C&C Generals/Zero Hour FAQ/Walkthrough by Raining Metal