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"Use the f*cking search-button!"

Hi there. This is a page similar to Just Fucking Google It. If you have been sent here by someone from a forum after asking a question, chances are that the question you asked has either been answered a dozen times before, or the answer is totally obvious. Either way, please check if you did the following before asking your question:

Read the INIs

What many newbies overlook is that all of the INIs are written in plain English and 99%1 of the tags are commented. Questions like "How do I change a weapon's damage?" while there's a tag named Damage directly on the weapon doesn't make it look like you've invested much time to find the answer, or even tried to familiarize yourself with your future working environment.

Search ModEnc

The C&C Modding Encyclopedia grows every day and already includes answers to many common, modding problems, and often very detailed, specialized information on more advanced topics. In addition, users may update, add and improve articles if deemed necessary. The older this page is, the higher the probability that ModEnc has the answers you seek.

Check for tutorials

Many community sites, especially those that pertain to modding, host tutorials were most beginners' questions have already been answered. Things like "How do I add a new tank?" can be found there and are answered in detail. One place to find such sites is ModEnc's very own Community Portal.

Read the guides

While there is no official modding-support of Westwood Studios or Electronic Arts, Inc., our fellow modders have compiled a two-parted suite of documents known as The Guide. This prominent guide was mostly written by DeeZire and his helpers, and attempts to explain almost every tag valid—even some invalid ones—in the INIs. The second part is XGamer's Art.ini-Guide, which was missing from the original suite. Many questions can be answered by simply opening up the guides and searching for a keyword.

Please note that the vast majority of information in both guides has been placed on ModEnc, and that DZ's guide is growing more outdated every day.

Search the forums

If all of the above failed, and people still sent you here, try searching the very forum you asked your question in. The prime example, the DeeZire-forums, currently has more than 22,000 posts in 1,500 topics in it's RA2/YR Editing Section. If you were sent here, the answer you seek is probably in the archive.

Ask questions

While we're at it, let's take a look at your question: In numerous cases, newbies don't get an answer not because there is none available, but because the question they asked was considered rude, dumb, annoying or even insulting by those who volunteered to help. So, before you post your question, make sure you got the following things right:

Grammar, punctuation and spelling

At least half the community consists of people who speak English as a second or even third language. In addition, most newbies are actually quite young. Therefore, we do not expect you to speak perfect English. What we do expect, however, is a basic check for text-correctness. Even if you didn't notice it while typing, you can be assured that one period for a paragraph of a hundred words is definitely not enough. And even if the sentence is that long, it probably should contain a lot of commas. Be sure to check your spelling as well. While a casual "teh" once in a while is nothing serious, having a typo in every second word is not a pleasure to read for those you want to get help from. And if you're really unlucky, these typos prevent the helper from understanding your problem; which, in turn, means you won't get an answer.

And don't you even dare writing in l33t-speak.

Rude behaviour, demands, and insults

Never forget one thing: You want help from us. Cursing your problem is one thing, but when you step over the line and piss off an oldbie, you can be sure you won't get nothing but flames. If you ask kindly, you will get a nice answer, be it what you wanted, the advice to search the forums or the link to this page. But if you treat us bad, we'll treat you worse. Promise.

Clarity in explaining the problem

Make sure your thread not only serves a purpose, but people also understand what you want. This starts by picking a simple, straight to the point (not l33t, not excessive, not terror-caps) thread-title, and continues in the way you write your post. We are not Yuri; We cannot read minds. Make sure you explain the problem in detail: How and when it occurs, what you did before it started, and what you already tried to solve it, are all useful for diagnosing an issue. Be prepared to post your code if it is requested, but do not copy and paste your entire rules(md).ini file in the post.

If you do not need help, but rather want opinions, want to offer something, or just want to advertise your (hopefully bug-free) mod, then please make this clear in your thread-title.


1 Did you know 72% of statistics are made up on the spot?