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Red Alert 2 ART.INI Guide

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The Red Alert 2 ART.INI Guide is an art(md).ini flag reference written by XGamer with some help from the community, specifically the users of the forums; writing the art.ini guide was necessary because, although referenced several times in its files, DeeZire's Guide does not include an art.ini guide. XGamer's document is consciously written to resemble the style of DeeZire's and seamlessly fits in line with them.

The current and probably last version of the ART.INI Guide is 1.0. It was hard to obtain for some time as it had no central point of hosting like The Guide, but has now found a kind of home in YR Argentina's tutorials section.
It can also be downloaded from Renegade Projects's File Fortress, as part of the files hosted by DCoder.

XGamer's ART.INI Guide is a recommended download for all users of DeeZire's RA2 & YR Editing Guide.
Remember, however, that it suffers from the same problems of outdatedness and inexpandability as its parent, and newer or more comprehensive information on certain subjects might be available.


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