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Revora Creative Community

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Revora Creative Community

Site Type Community Hub
Created 03.07.2004
Admin(s) see below
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Revora was founded on July 3rd 2004 with the merging of CnC Guild with the Origin Network. Goes live with the CnC Guild, The Hive, CnC Central, YR Argentina, and over 60 hostees.

Until recently, Revora was hosted on the Icetex server, owned by Mastermind using free bandwidth provided by Massachussets Institute of Technology.

Throughout 2005, Revora grew with new portals opening, and the formation of a democratic administration system. This however, was replaced later in the year with the current division-based system. The CnC Guild became Revora's official C&C hub after merging with CnC Central, and Revora started to support Petroglyph's Empire at War.

2006 saw the formation of Revora's own Battlefield 2 clan. This went offline later in the year due to lack of use. Revora started to officially support Tiberium Wars later in the year with the launch of and CNC3 Files. Petroglyph games were also now officially supported with the launch of Petrolution

Into 2007, Revora branched into online roleplaying with the creation of the RPG Guild. The Icetex server was also shut down, and Revora moved onto its current server - Fawkes. A political blogging site, Games Nations Play was created.

2008 was a remarkable year for Revora. Its forums reached over 10,000 of members! Petrolution was relaunched to be transformed into Revora's Petroglyph Modding Resource Hub. Yet, regarding Petrolution, the Empire At War Zone was merged with it. Revora started to support Red Alert 3 with the openning of CnCRA3.Net.

On 2009 Revora moved to it's new server, called Nagini. The Department system were opened, with the creation of a series of Departments to better manage the Network and it's members. All C&C divisions were merged under CnC Guild's flag. Petrolution started to support Mytheon, a new game by Petroglyph. Revora Hosting Portal was been launched unifying Revora's hosting services.

Revora Now

C&C Guild is Revora's modding hub for all C&C games. The former CNC3 and RA3 sites have been merged into the Guild. The forums currenly number over 15,000 members.

Revora Administration

Being such a large network, Revora is not governed by any one person. Instead, the admin system is somewhat tiered, with different people adminsitering different parts of the site. All divisions and departments have a good team of staff members that can be seen here