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ScriptTypeClass - Member Variables

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This is the offset table for the member variables of the ScriptTypeClass class.

Offset Type Name Description
0x98 int Index Index in the global ScriptTypeClass array.
0x9C DWORD unknown
0xA0 int Lines Determines how many lines this script consists of.
0xA4 int Line 1 - Command Determines what function this line has.
0xA8 int Line 1 - Argument The argument passed to that function.
0xAC int Line 2 - Command
0xB0 int Line 2 - Argument
0xB4 int Line 3 - Command
0xB8 int Line 3 - Argument
0x22C int Line 50 - Command
0x230 int Line 50 - Argument This implies that the maximum line count of a script is 50.