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Sounds in RA2 are located in language.mix --> audio.mix --> audio.bag/audio.idx
Sounds in YR are located in langmd.mix --> audiomd.mix --> audio.bag/audio.idx
EVA-voices are saved in the corresponding mixes as .wav files. All sounds in RA2/YR (and probably TS/FS too) should be in IMA ADPCM Format at 22050 Hz, 4 Bit, Mono, but 16 Bit seem to work as well.

If you plan to distribute your mod with sounds, the use of XCC Mod Creator is recommended.

How to add sounds to RA2/YR. (by Kravvitz)

To add sounds to RA2/YR you must have XCC Mixer (thank you Olaf!).

  1. First off you need to make sure that your sound files are in the correct format.
    • in XCC Mixer the information for the sound files displayed in the right panel needs to say "Audio: 22050 hz, 16 bit, mono" and "Format: 0001".
    • If it does not say that, then
      • You can use XCC Mixer to convert WAVs to that or Sound Recorder (it comes with Windows).
      • Convert the files to PCM 22050 hz, 16 bit, mono format. In XCC Mixer just right click on the file and select Copy as WAV --> PCM.
  2. Next, up in the Launch menu of XCC Mixer click on XCC Sound Editor.
    • After it is finished loading, you can drag 'n drop WAV files into it.
      • When you are done adding files, click the compact button and then OK.
      • For some reason that is unknown to me, some files will prevent successful compactions, don't worry about it. If that happens to you, then you might want to remove the file(s) that cause that, put in just the new ones that don't prevent it from compacting, compact it, and finally add the file(s) that prevent the compaction.
  3. Next you will need to add entries for the sound files in the sound(md).ini.
    • The sound.ini and the soundmd.ini are inside ra2.mix --> local.mix and ra2md.mix --> localmd.mix, respectively.
    • Just make entries that look like the entries that are already there.
    • Next in the rules(md).ini you can add them as voices or weapon reports (etc.).
    • Make sure that you get the capitalization and the spelling the same for all of the entries or the new sounds will not work!

Explanation of the Sound Naming Convention (by Kravvitz)

The Westwood naming scheme for the sounds' filenames is as follows. The first letter of the filename is "i" (for infantry), "a" (for ambient), "v" (for vehicle), "u" (for user interface), "b" (for building), "g" (for generic or general), or "s" (for super weapon); followed by the first 3 letters in unit name (or only two if the unit's name is only 2 letters, for example the GI), next are 2 or 3 letters for type of sound "mo" (for move), "se" (for select), "att" (for attack), "at" (for attack command), "fe" (for fear), "pow" (for powerdown, only engineers have this, the normal following letter does not apply to this one), "di" or "die" (for die), "sta" (for movestart, this is for vehicles only), or "cra" (for crash, this is for flying units only); and then "a" through whatever letter depending on how many of the type of sound you have; and lastly the ".wav". For the type of sound, I did not include all of the special cases or types for non-units.