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New Cloak & Sensor logic

I recommend to make new tags for Cloaked Land Units. My Idea:

Land/Air/Water Water only
Cloakable & Sensors stuff Submarine=yes

Yes, plus the ability that flying units can see Cloaked, and ground can see flying ones.

Problems with old Deploy Logic

DeploysInto=[building] has 2 problems, the first is that when a deployable vehicle (from the side A) is mind-controlled (by a side B) and deployed the deployed vehicle will to be captured by the side B forever, no more mind control link or permanent mind control. The second problem is the limitation of deploy/undeploy classes "vehicle<->building".
Siege Chopper logic -> Is only designed to be used between 2 vehicle voxels, DeployDir tag not works on ground vehicles and both vehicles (deployed & undeployed) must to have turret=yes enabled or both with turret=no.
New deploy logic should to work to convert [unit, infantry, building] into another [unit, infantry, building] using a tag like DeployClass=[unit, infantry, building] type, solving the problems of the above deploy systems. For deploy/undeploy vehicles facing should to use DeployFacing tag. This DeployClass tag should to be compatible with DeployToLand=yes/no, DeployAnim= animation, DeployToFire=yes/no & not suffer the mind-control bug when is converted from a building class into another class.

IE Messages

A log file, showing useful information for tracking down IEs, can be enabled. See: Enabling the Log File


This is already possible. Simply add WaterBound=yes to the structure that the unit deploys into.

I simply copied the commented section to here so the comments don't get lost. They are in the same order as they were before the list was reordered.

  • Terrain expansion needs and wants and hopes [DJBREIT]
Re-enabling TrainBridgeSet tilesets. Done but still needs work (has some problems)
Fix destroyable cliffs so normal weapons work on it
Extending the bridge set by adding TrainBridgeSet1,TrainBridgeSet2,TrainBridgeSet to the praised list so we can use natral+urban bridge heads and a number of land teirs together.(same with WoodBridgeSet and BridgeSet) (You will need to see if this is possible)
Re-enabling the Ice1Set, Ice2Set, IceShoreSet [Blade]
Useful for the TX //Blade
Adding additional destroyable cliffs
Adding additional bridges
  • True Air-to-Air combat
This was never in any C&C and implementing it might break other logic...get other stuff done first IMO //Blade
  • Fully working third campaign-button
Needs animation links as well as some button repositioning that resource hacker can't alter //Blade
can i request a 4th compain button? or how about some kind of drop down menu that selects the campain with a go button so you can have as many as you want. if you get extra sides working, I'm going to need 4 mission sets eventually.//bobingabout
There is a control on the select screen that is supposed to put a list box such as you describe on that screen, but it never appears. Either the code is gone to support it or it only appeared in debug builds of the game.
I'm currently working on a list of thinks to consider adding to missions stuff. IE, alternate next missions, more mission starting points, and what extra buttons would require. currently, you can have a missions list for each side in the game, adding a new side opens up possibilities for a new mission set. if only there was a way to load them(a new button?). only thing with buttons is how many do you need? thats why i prefer some kind of dropdown box. set up correctly you could effectivly have a seperate mission set for each country. would be better with branches in the mission prograssion though. example, you are soviets, who do you ally with, allies, yuri, or neither. then there are 3 paths your missions can follow. I'm sure with the right tags and checks, you can use the current map editor to make the mission set certain flags for mission prograssion.//Bobingabout
While this would be a fabulous addition to YR, you have to consider...who is going to make all these missions and make them GOOD missions? I have enough trouble trying to get help to make a third linear campaign for Yuri and I hardly have time myself to work on something so involving and I don't see many other people able to do it either. //Blade
i didn't say it was going to be well used, but it would be a good addition for the few who might use it. even if the missions arn't good, I'm goin to try and get 4 campaigns for our mod. would be nice if we had the ability to play 4 sets of missions. also, the ability to have more than 1 mission path would be desired. even if theres only 10 missions, you might play the missions 20 times to explore all the different possibilities.//bobingabout
I'd agree that the main three sides should have their own buttons on the select screen and perhaps have a new button to another screen that has a list box selection for additional campaigns.
how about a tag in rules, or mapselmd.ini that enables list type map selsction, default would be current missions. I've been working on ideas for how that might work. I might post them later.Bobingabout

here is the file

  • More IFV-modes (and more IFVs, as the turret-changing code is now locked to the FV unit)
Another independant IFV or two would be useful (one for each side), as would a few more turrets (including additional graphic entries for them) //Blade
  • Allowing Rad/Chrono/Mag Beams to have a custom color
This would be nice as a global option. But better yet, have it customizable on individual weapons. //Marshall
yer, like lasers are now//bobingabout
  • Adjusting the flight locomotor to allow non-VTOL behaviour.
Messing with Locomoter behaviour is not a good idea IMO, could break stuff //Blade
  • Fixing of the "AttachedParticleSystem= nullifies Burst=" issue
This was a problem in TS too //Blade
  • Enable unused EVA voices
Which ones, some can be used in maps anyhow //Blade
  • Allow buildings to cloak without being a CloakGenerator or a veteran/elite building.
Never worked in TS //Blade
  • Fix Carryall Logic for Hind.
Its not broken, vehicles can't use the CarryAll tag since they are not aircraft //Blade
He means the voxel Z-shifting into the map after paradropping //DC
  • Make a few extra Super Weapons that can be set to any weapon requested.
Chem missle super uses a normal weapon that could be customised //Blade
Same with EMPulseCannon code // DC
you need to get them working again first though, right?
  • Drainlogic (DrainWeapon=yes) to work with ranged weapons.
Eh? //Blade
Drain currently only works on jumpjets which are hovering atop of the target. //DC
  • Temporal weapons to work with cellspread.
Not worth messing with IMO since Temporal logic relies on unit focusing its attack until success, an area temporal effect is just a delayed instant kill. //Blade
  • If possible a tag to have permanent mindcontrol like with Psychic Dominator.
This would be great on a conventional weapon. Ideally, the weapon should fire once and the target would be perma-mind-controlled. Another nice idea (but probably too difficult to implement) would be area-effect perma-mind-control (exactly like the Psychic Dominator but on a regular weapon). //Marshall
Permanent mind-control weapon and change-owner weapon are 2 different things. Both would be useful. //Marshall
  • Make a kinda "spy tank" which makes vehicles able to act like infantry spies - just that they're vehicles [pd]
Some vehicles have turrets, and others don't. Will look strange //DC
at least there's a possibility to detect them then ;D //pd
  • 4th faction logic which includes: A working 4th base unit, so no more things blow up error. and if possible a whole new setting for this new house, so it wont think its actually Allied or Soviet anymore. But thats an AI bug. Update: Remember to have hardcoded 4th unit to disable 'Short Game' bug.
This is a lot of work to implement since it needs a lot of tags adding for the AI to work correctly. //Blade
4th side would also need a sidec04.mix file so that custom images could be added. //
sidec04 is the default already (if there was a 4th side), but it should be optional which sidebar to use (just like sidec03.mix is now optional for Yuri). Best option would be to have a SidebarMix=[integer] flag in rules for each side - a modder could have maximum control over which side uses what, without having to add copies of existing sidec mix files. //Marshall
Aparantly this is a priority, that and fix BaseUnit=, and more MP playable countries, which goes with this problem anyway. so he asked me to come up with this list. file //BobingAbout
Oh. My. God. There is so much stuff there I can't even begin to comprehend it all, but I did notice a few errors, particularly along the lines of the serious breakage of original campaigns (those new countries need very careful consideration!), not to mention the sheer complexity of such an attempt to add a new side which would undoubtedly result in a shedload of errors. IMO it's just too much work, with too much risk, to be worth doing. However, a few little things would be quite nice so that faking a fourth side was easier. Things such as allowing BaseUnit= to accept a longer list of vehicles, a fourth tech building ([FATECH] + RequiresStolenFourthTech=yes/no), etc. But to risk trying to add a full new side... ouch. Somebody back me up on this please! //Marshall
I admit that i made the mistake of cutting out GDI and nod when i meant to leave the second 1 in, i can re-write it. but in any case, you can consider me a kind of expert at faking 4th sides. I've had it working where the AI builds a base, and all the correct units, the units is pretty easy, but unless you get the 4thsidepowerplant working, and a bugfix on i think its tech centre, the AI gimps out when its supused to build a tech centre, and becomes stupid(ie stops building). so without adding new tags, its impossible to even fake it. I've spoken to PD earlier today, and he said he's going to try it. trust me i spent literally months on end working on 4 side compatable rules, and a solid week(12 hours a day) working on editing and testing with 4 sides in there. nothing i did worked. i admit, some of that in there is optional, such as paradrops, survivors and stolen tech, but most of it is necesity.//bobingabout
Which I admire the enthusiasm from PD, I have to say that messing around to add enough new stuff to support a 4th side should not be a priority. The amount you need to change is immense and I have yet to see any really good attempts at a new side (4th or replacements for one of the others such as Yuri) beyond EagleRed's china. This will never be used by the vast majority of people and I think it will be unlikely that anyone will ever make a 4th side that approaches the quality of the other sides. Look at how WW themselves cut corners to make Yuri (combined naval fleet in one unit, combined normal ground and AA gun, lots of assets incomplete or missing). While I can't dictate the direction that PD wants to take, I would strongly urge him to implement new unit/weapon features first (mainly port the old TS and FS logics over) and attempt the new side as the last great hack. That would also give him time to improve his skills and get a better feel for how the various bits of code all fit together, reducing the likelyhood of serious bugs (such as the problems with Death anims at the moment). //Blade
EDIT that was just way too long, so, I'll just say: Have you ever seen the 4th tech tree in R:ROTC? .//bobingabout
new required changes list, with section of bare minimum additions. file//bobingabout
ok cutting that last part out, since it was moved. anyway, there is 1 thing you guys are forgetting. you think this is Massive? well, actually, its not all as massive as you think it to be. most of the logic already exists, like with countries. with the exception of baseunit, 100 units bug, and 74 units bug, most of this is an extention of countries. adding tags acording to PD is relativly easy. only problem is where to store the data. I've already proven it possible for the game to accept a 4th side with 4th gui, but to make it actually work nearly as well as the existing 3 sides, it would require a lot of extra tags, including new graphics. most of the other seemingly small wishes are a lot bigger to actually implement. such as cloning a super weapon, sounds easy, but acording to PD, is very difficult. cloning, or re-implementing 1 super weapon would probably be as hard as most of the entire 4th side implementation would take. so its not really that big of a wish is it? this is something you'd understand if you spoke to PD for a couple of hours. when he gets the net, he said he'd send me most of his tools and work, so i can help him diagnose problems and such. maybe thats 1 good point for you to consider, because then they'd be 2 of us working on the 'project', not just 1.//bobingabout
  • Fix "BaseUnit=AMCV,SMCV,PCV" because only read the first 3 MCVs, if "BaseUnit" accept more MCVs could be solved the 'Short Game' bug.
the part that determines who gets what works for as many as you want. but only the first 3 are classed as a "BaseUnit" as in, "Player is alive in short game if this unit is owned.". I'm sure you already knew that.//bobaingabout
  • Make Ore Refinery Storage work again and re-enable the Silo logic
but only if it can be optional! We don't want to be forced to add silos to our mods! [don't get me wrong though, I would love this for my next mod] //Marshall
  • Make a working Mobile Gap Generator (which doesn't need to deploy) [pd]
and mobile cloak generator too!//bobingabout
  • A mod filter facility for internet games (and LAN too I suppose). presumably reading a value from rulesmd.ini to determine mod name. Doubt this is possible but it's a wish none the less.
This might be possible, but might need server side logic to use it too i.e. Olaf might need to be involved //Blade
  • Enable Multi-Engineer logic from TS and RA1 (and maybe put it in game options?)(More Engineers needed to capture a building)
kinda simple, (if target health >25% then health-25% else takeover) if you understand that statement. would be activatable using the MultiEngineer= tag in [MultiplayerDialogSettings]//bobingabout
  • Enable Fog Of War from TS and RA1 (Working tag in [MultiPlayerDialogSettings])
Check this out FOG does Work //Cmrd Spike
Fog of war presently is only possible in single player campaign maps. To get it to work in multiplayer, PD would need to get the game to pay attention to [SpecialFlags] in multiplayer maps (or just make the game always allow fog of war in multiplayer maps, which would be preferable). //Marshall
Actually, the entire fog of war system is severely flawed. See this topic:
  • Use voxels for infantry, and buildings.
From my point of View, that would suck. I wouldnt even let buildings/inf support voxel animations. It will cost to much time and will be a useless workaround.. IMO atleast //Daeda
  • Make adding sound effects easier(maybe in a mix file instead of audio.bag).
this would be usefull. maybe allow audio.mix//bobingabout
This would be very useful, but it should attempt to read from the mix first so original sounds can be overridden //chpatrick
  • Allow sound effects to use other file formats(like .aud).
Why would this be needed? Its far too much work for the limited use it would get...just use XCC to convert the sound files, its not difficult //Blade
Support for a format of better quality and size than IMA ADPCM would be excellent for mod filesize reasons, though probably hard to pull off in assembly //chpatrick
  • Allow unit to fire two weapons at the same time.
also, try allowing secondary to be fired instead of always primary if secondary will do more dammage. //bobingabout
Also also make secondary fire if it can hit from range and not use Primary even though it has to get nearer //chpatrick
  • Maybe an error log file(like if the game can't find a shp file it would write an error message in the file).
Again too much work for the limited benefit it will have IMO...If the graphics don't show up its a fair bet to say that it can't find the graphics you referenced, check your spellings. //Blade
  • Allow Crewed= to work with non infantry types.
Crewed is boolean. Yes or no. Presumably you want the global value to accept VehicleTypes. What might be useful though, is to allow BuildingTypes to specify what type of infantry (or vehicle) will emerge from that particular building. Not that I think it's possible. //Marshall
  • Warheads other than Fire3 being able to be applied to animations properly
Actually, Fire3 doesn't apply damage properly either. What the hell is up with this PD? Why doesn't damage applied by animations follow a logical pattern? //Marshall
  • Third Weapon if possable
Yay! Tertiary= and EliteTertiary= //Marshall
Better would be variously triggered weapons: Secondary= if does more damage, RangeWeapon= if it is out of range for Secondary=, Primary= for everything else etc. //chpatrick
  • Cloaking aircraft
Actually, aircraft can be cloaked. They must be set to do so at veteran or elite. //Fenring
  • 2-5 weapons in one click or in the Primary= or Secondary= [genobreaker ]
what exactly do you mean? adding more than just 2 weapons, such as tertiary=, and simular for a 4th and 5th weapon?
  • Infantry to vehicle repair(also Infantry to building and so on)
Already works using Particles //DC
  • Enable multiplier stuff from Countries to be accessable through buildings
you can already, you can use the global tags from the secret lab on a building, using only 1 tag, with 1 unit listed would result in that unit being available.
No, what is meant here is things like "BuildTimeDefensesMult=.75" or "VeteranUnits=MTNK" seen on the Countries sections like [French] and [Germans]. I think this would be quite difficult to achieve though, and not as useful as some other, possible easier things to implement. //Marshall
oh, it was very un-spacific. maybe a few more of those tags on the country lists would also be usefull.//bobingabout
  • Unit upgrades, if it's possible (basing on some unused EVA in RA2/YR, with Unit Upgraded)
Highly complicated IMO //DC
Hmm, improving buildable stuff would be fine with dummy buildings as long as they wouldn't actually be constructed //chpatrick
  • Add alternate radiation, so new color of it will be possible, or make radiation color changeable in weapon types or warheads
Like maybe a blue radiation that could heal things instead of damage. I would of thought that adding a second type of radiation with a new set of global values should be possible. //Marshall
Been done, no? //chpatrick
  • Reviving all TS Codes that is not used in YR [genobreaker]
Isn't this a bit redundant since most of the useful logics have already been requested? //Blade
  • Paradropping Pilots from Aircrafts that has Its veterancy of the Aircraft (Like in Generals) Thief Logic [genobreaker]
very nice. maybe possible by 'Crewed=yes', then 'AlliedCrew=PILOT SovietCrew=PILOT ThirdCrew=PILOT' and then make some tag to the [PILOT] like 'IsPilot=true' that give him an ability to enter your vehicle to set it with his veterancy //C001 DuDe
making AlliedCrew=PILOT and so on would mean pilots would come from sold/destroyed buildings, maybe Crewed=yes and then an extra Crew= tag might be better.//bobingabout
  • Infantrys that can be powered [genobreaker]
Would only be useful for Cyborgs and the like. Not all that important for such limited uses. //Fenring
  • Use true color for graphics instead of limited 256 color palettes
By no stretch of the imagination is it going to be even remotely possible to achieve this simply by modifying the executable. //Marshall
  • New warhead immunities.(Just like ImmuneToPoison=yes/Poison=yes). For example: ImmuneToNewImmunity1=yes/NewImmunity1=yes [Marshall]
This is probably easier than adding new armor types. //Marshall
The purpose of the immunities is different to the purpose of armor types. Armor types are for altering the way battle damage is applied between units, immunity is for different units avoiding certain types of weapon but still taking normal battle damage differently. //Blade
True, but my point was more that one of the reasons for adding new armor types (certainly not the main reason) was for better immunity control. Given that new immunities are probably easier to add than new armor types, pd might consider investigating this first. Don't get me wrong, I'd much prefer new armor types. //Marshall
Creative use of immunities gives way to lots of possibilities. I use strange combos in Tiberian Fate, for one example, to control whether or not a SAM site will have slightly faster and longer range versus very quick aircraft. I'd like to see more, it makes for interesting cases for weapons use, and lets you have a whole "class" of weapons in a way //Chronojam
These weapon immunities will also be useful if certain types of weapon effect are re-created too such as EMP (have emp immune units) //Blade
This could also be declared by ImmuneTo=<weapons> on the object that is immune, not on the actual warhead. //chpatrick
  • Ability to player control which weapon to attack with (Like in Generals)
Not possible without crazy interface changes. It's better to leave it up to the unit to decide, based on immunities and damage percentages... //Chronojam
Why not, we can just add a fifth control tab to the four control tabs (structures,armory,Infantry,Vehicles) called 'unit control tab'. it is very important because sometimes you want to attack the same target by different weapons to get different effects. it is also useful in mods to make a commando units that can carry a lot of weapons for different purposes. it will also improve the game quality because it will be more Controllable. maybe this one is too hard so it is not in a high priority, but it will be very nice //C001 DuDe
Time to implement vs usefulness is too high to bother IMO and requires more than just code changes. //Blade
maybe not player controlable, but make the unit "Smarter" when deciding what weapon to us. IE, if secondary will deal more dammage, use that instead of primary. unless tertiary is added, maybe holding alt(or some other key) while targeting forces the secondary weapon//bobingabout
I really don't know why we'd want units to use secondary weapon if it does more damage than primary. If the secondary weapon will do more damage than the primary, then why doesn't the modder just set the primary weapon to 0% against that particular armor type? The purpose of multiple weapons is so that the unit can use a different weapon against, say, infantry to that which it uses against, say, buildings. Or aircraft. Adding user control is pointless and just causes more micro-management. //Marshall
thats what i do, but forcefire always uses primary, and since most of these weapons i do this to are info only on promary, then you canuse that unit to destroy trees even though secondary is a grenade(or something) that'd destroy them in 1 hit. thats just 1 example.//bobingabout
  • Re-enable the Meteor/Ion storm logic(From Tiberian Sun) //C001 DuDe
Meteors can be made to work through map triggers if you put the animations back into the game that are missing in RA2/YR, the ion storm became the weather storm superweapon BTW. //Blade
  • Make a definable amount of paradrops. Current is 4, 3-are side specific, 1 special, with some tricks 1 more side specific paradrop could be added. Or at least add more specials. And also add a line to define what AircraftType will be dropping THIS paradrop. [Big Jah]
side spacifics would be added if extra side support was added, but i agree in adding 1 or more paradrops, would be usefull for keeping both paradrops, while having a parabomb.//bobingabout
  • Make CloakSound= definable in [UNIT] to make different sounds for subs and stealth units. [Big Jah]
I'll second this one. //Blade
would be very usefull since the CDA's stealthed drone and the defensive generator(Stealth) sounds like a submerging submarine.//bobingabout
There are workarounds for this, you can make the sub use the sub sound when its hit and created, since they are the only two times it will play for all but the boomer (that needs it when surfacing) and replace the Cloack sound with something appropriate to all cloaking units that has low priority (and so it overridden by the sub sound in the instances when it plays). Of course I would still prefer not to have to do this and make it all work correctly.
  • Add additional (optional) Strength= like bar to imitate power shield. Add animations when recieving damage when shield is alive if possible. - something like: HasShield=yes/no; if yes Shield=numeric like strength - this should also hang up some additional pips in pip.shp if possible; DamageAnim=work exacty like DamageSound= (plays when hit) but anim. [Big Jah]
you mean like a secondary health? regenerates pretty fast when idle, and absorbs all, or most of the dammage an attack would inflict untill the shield is gone. kinda like in emperor:BFD? //Bobingabout
i think those tags could be useful too: ShieldRegenRate=<float number> (global, like self healing but for shields), ShieldRegenAlways=yes/no (also global, tells if shield regenerates always or only when unit is idle), ShieldHalves=yes/no (global too, tells if the damage is divided equally between unit and its shield), ShieldArmor=<armor name> (unit declared, tells what kind of armor does the shield use, can be useful if you want to give a unit some better protection when shield is on), ShieldRegens=yes/no (unit declared, tells if the shield regenerates or no, similar way to self healing)//mevitar
  • Allow InfantryTypes' DeathAnims= send player info to the animation(s) so that player-owned MakeInfantry is supported. [Marshall]
Similarly, get player info sent to animations invoked by weapons, warheads and building animations. //Marshall
  • Re-enable RA1/TS campaign map selection stuff (probably not possible and way too much work for very few people who would use it, but might as well add it)
Me and DeeZire played around with this ages ago and its really complicated to use and would risk breaking the existing progression system. //Blade
  • Make it so veinholes and destroyable cliffs can be destroyed with normal weapons (not just railguns)
Veinholes always were destroyable by other weapons and AFAIK never have worked in RA2...cliffs being destroyed would be good though :) //Blade
  • If possible, edit the TLB files to import some TS logics.
Can I just delete this entry please, it demonstrates virtually no understanding at all and seems to have ignored the fact that loads of TS stuff has already been requested...this stuff is NOT controlled by the TLB!!! //Blade
I concur. //Marshall
Deleted, then restored after a discussion. Apologies. //DC
What is the justification for this still being here just out of interest? IMO editing the TLB files is a different subject to hacking gamemd.exe itself. //Blade
This entry has been deleted due to a simple reason: This is the wishlist for exe-modifications – TLBs are not an issue here.
  • Add more veterancy stages support, not just rookie, vet and l33t. 5 would be good, including Elite2Primary and secondary, same with Elite3, Elite2Abilities, same with Elite3. The name are, of course, on your own. Also I would like to see VeteranPrimary= and VeteranSecondary=.[Big Jah]
i think you can already have more vet stages, but whats missing is the pip graphic and the weapons/eliteabilities stuff. IMO if PD can find where the existing stuff is, it shouldn't bee too hard to add aditional tags to use an extra SHP and tags.//bobingabout
Side note, since PD has to play with weapon logic to add tertiary just the same way he does to add elite2primary etc, it might be wise to include the 2 wishs as the same wish on the votelist. or more to the point, 3rd weapon being a step on this wish.//bobingabout
I think a third weapon is completely detached idea from additional veterancy stages. The logic for additional veterancy stages and weapons is still only based on two weapons. I think additional veterancy functionality would be easier to implement. That said, my votes are on other things right now. //Marshall
I agree with you that they are 2 totally seperate ideas. but both require playing with the weapon logic, 1 to add a 3rd weapon choice(4th with C4/Enter logic). this one would require playing with the same logic to add a verteran weapons stage, and any other weapons stages. plus more stuff for skills on the 2 new steps. so if PD made this either, it would be a good idea to add both steps at the same time. IMO, atleast adding VeteranPrimary, VeteranSecondary, VeteranTertiary along with Tertiary and EliteTertiary.//bobingabout
  • Re-implimentation of fire logic. [nokunbash]
Do you mean OnFire logic?//BJ
  • Re-implimentation of RA1 spy logic. [nokunbash]
Not very useful, only if radar, which if spied will reveal map not only for the player who spied it, but to all the players in an mp game...
  • Fix the PrismSupportModifier bug (if a [General] section is declared on a map and a value is not defined there, the value is set to infinite or something)
The same applies to a [General] section in a mode file. //Marshall
The same applies to other sections in maps/modes. For example: editing an InfantryType causes it's Pip= and OccupyPip= values to be messed up. //Marshall
It would be nice, even if they can't all be fixed, to know all the things that a mode file will mess up if specific sections are mentioned. //Marshall
  • Weather storm made able disable certain units/weapons as the ion storm did in TS.
That what i talked about in "Re-enable the Ion storm logic".I concur//C001 DuDe
  • Fully working cyborg logic
What isn't working about the cyborg logic now compared to how it was in TS? //Blade
Berzerk does not end when healed back up, does it?...
According to SeaMan, such infantry cannot be killed by non-explosive weapons. But since his forum at CGEN was wiped out, I can't doublecheck. //DC
Normal cyborgs or Beserk cyborgs? Normal cyborg units can be killed by any weapon.//Blade
  • RA1 aircraft movement
Redundant, modified aircraft locomoter has already been requested. //Blade
  • Differnt flying alltitudes
Making differnt planes fly at differnt alltitudes //cabal
Already possible. Its FlightLevel= tag. //Big Jah
Correct. See this topic for more info. //DC
  • Get the Ammo system to work with infantry and buildings. Presently, it only works with vehicles and aircraft. [Marshall]
Ammo does work on infantry - when you garrison them, they get rearmed. //DC
And if you want the infantry unit to reload on it's own? Garrisoning to reload is a bit silly - at the very least you'd want it to coordinate with a player-owned building (which vehicles can't presently do either). I'm thinking of an infantry unit that reloads multiple ammo shots slowly over time. //Marshall
  • Add new veteran/elite abilities that make use of immunities. Eg: "VEIN_PROOF" gave the unit ImmuneToVeins=yes (veins immunity doesn't work anymore, btw). I would like to see "RAD_PROOF" as a veteran ability that gave the unit ImmuneToRadiation=yes.
ImmuneToVeins=yes does work, it makes units immune to the effects of a weapon that uses a warhead defined throughout the rules.ini as being the veinhole warhead. //Blade
ImmuneToVeins=yes does not work in YR 1.001 (I have extensively tested this, and DeeZire's ini guide says that it doesn't work). If you have a way of making it work in 1.001 please tell me! //Marshall
Hmm, must say I never tested it in 1.001 and still haven't...doh!//Blade
  • Tell us how much damage the Genetic Mutator is hard coded to deal, and possibly add a rules flag to make it modifiable.
Trial and error with high strength infantry should be able to tell you the damage its coded to deal, but it may well be absolute damage (i.e. just kills the unit). //Blade
I wondered because I once made the Genetic Mutator warhead into a chaos warhead - the chaos effect lasted for ages, despite setting 1% verses on the warhead. //Marshall
It could be that it uses some really high value for damage to do instant kills like the mutator or C4. I imagine only the damage from a weapon is used for the chaos effect and the verses value just tells the game if the weapon affects a target or not.
No, cause the chaos drone has 50% verses against vehicles and vehicles are affected for less time than infantry. If the damage were absolute, then the chaos warhead would either cause an error or last forever - given that it doesn't, there must be a set value for Genetic Mutator damage (or perhaps a maximum time for chaos effect). //Marshall
  • Did you know theres a bug when you have more than 1 type of powered robot unit and robot control that when you loose power, the second 1s units don't de-activate unless you try and move them, and if they did de-activate you can never move them again! Well, Fix it if you can. (Taken out)
The problem you are describing is not a 'bug' - PowersUnit= only takes a single value not a set of values. This has already been requested above. //Marshall
even whan you have seperate buildings for each powered unit, it still does it.
Umm.. no it doesn't. I have a separate building for each of my robot tanks and it works perfectly. //Marshall
it only does it when 1 player owns more than 1 powered unit and control building. the first 1 works fine, but the second has the bug. seems to work when each player only has 1. this means if each side has 1, it works fine until you obtain another side's. how do you think i found the bug? I've got 4 sides, each with their own control centre and robot.(IE get an MCV of a tech tree other than your original in a crate, or Unholy Alliance.)
  • Add more colours to the sides colours list and allow more to be usable in multiplayer mode, if possible showing the correct colour. i know its already been said to add more MP colours, but i expanded it a little :)
Then why didn't you comment on the existing wish rather than add a whole new one. And I don't see that this has added anything useful - it's not like pd would bother adding colours that didn't show the correct colour ingame. //Marshall
well i meant more slots for colours, they extreamly limited as it is now. theres only 21 of them. if he adds suport for more than 10 MP playable countries which he's working on, and more than 3 sides, which is 1 of his goals, then only 21 colours is not enough. think of the missions, you want atleast 3 different colours for each side.
According to DeeZire, the [Colors] can take up to 50 entries. That should be enough. // DC
  • Remove the 8 character limit for file names.
What limit? Some files are limited some are not IIRC , but I'd recommend staying within 8 anyhow. //Blade
there's a limit? [pd]
Yes(shps, vxls, tem, etc.) will not load if their filename is longer than 8 characters.
Yes they do, they work just fine. //Fenring
  • Forgive me for this is not a wish for pd's exe patch but a wish for this wish list. There's a lot of essentially duplicate wishes and other various fluff that could really do with clearing up. Perhaps a second, sorted wish list that only the moderators control... [Marshall]
"The moderators" currently include only me and Ren. Adding new moderators is up to Ren. When he finds time between his RL things, you or Blade should apply too. In the mean time, if you make that clean version, I will gladly secure it. //DC
We could just delete them anyway and see if we can get a nice revert war going ;) //Blade
My first mission was to take out all the damn comments cluttering the list ¬_¬ //Ren
  • Enable up to 10 players in skirmish max.
How many things would this break...lots //Blade
Let's count, shall we?
    • the IPX protocol used for multiplayer games only supports 8 players. Unless someone spends 3 months recoding it to TCP/IP, this won't work.
    • this would be useless without new reasonably larger maps, and all existing maps would need to be edited to utilize this
    • Would require plenty of work in map triggers (enabling <player @ I-J>) and FA2.
In conclusion, far too much work involved. // DC
  • Create secondary Psychic Reveal with new 'ready' and 'activate' sound (ex. for Allied Spy Sat SW)
You can already create side specific EVA comments for the ready sound (WW must have added the feature after the voice's were recorded), I've made one for Sofia (since she says 'Reveal' in another bit of speech) but unless you know the actor and actress for Yuri's EVA and Allied Eva to say 'Reveal', making those will be more difficult. //Blade
i think the idea is to give the spysat a time delay instead of being instant, firing that superweapon reveals whole map.
Ahh, like the old GPS from RA1...I'd agree with that.//Blade
That would be really useful in YR: deals with the problem of having your radar reset forcing you to sell a spysat - with a charged superweapon you wouldn't want to sell it, because you've just gotta wait for the SW to recharge. At the same time, makes the SW slightly less all-powerful radar and, further more, would stop the spysat being so useless if fog of war was enabled (I'm assuming the spysat doesn't negate fog of war). //Marshall
  • Reenable 'Toggle Power'
Action=TogglePower still works, and the problems can be solved with Type=ForceShield...
  • Allow the use of less or more steps for the gattling logic. More or less weapons ...
Also, see why it works on buildings and units, but not inf. havn't tried aircraft. see if you can make it work for all types.//bobingabout
  • a couple of extra multiple prerequisite listings, like "PrerequisitePower=", my guess is Depot, Naval, CNST(Construction), and some miscs, like Misc1, Misc2 etc... would be very usefull.(you might want a repair ship available to all sides requiring any naval yard and any repair depot.)//bobingabout
This would be useful. However, Construction Yard group is completely unneccesary because all buildings automatically require a building factory. For avoiding NCO, a Naval Yard group would be useful, although given that it's going to be up to the modder regardless, I would recommend having only PrerequisiteMisc1=, Misc2, Misc3, Misc4, etc, in order to avoid confusion. //Marshall
misc1 etc would still be very very usefull, but i thought, why not add depot and naval since they missing. const came later, but is ultimatly pointless to argue over a name.//bobingabout
  • a greater game speed maximum (e.g. 8) [pd]
AFAIK, speed 6 means unlimited game speed. //DC
Ever try speed 6 on a 2GHz computer? things move so fast you can barely click on them. imagine what its like on a 3GHz 64-bit machine o.O//bobingabout
Umm, I have a 2.9ghz 64-bit machine. It's unplayable. The AI wins in 4 seconds after the game starts. (It's soo darn fast. :P) //SH
  • Window/Fullscreen Toggle
Probably a lot of work and not very useful. If you're playing the game you want to be in full screen. We can already Alt-Tab out of the game. //Marshall
You can also force window mode from the command line IIRC. I'd have to check DeeZire's guide to be 100% on that though //Blade
pardon? AlphaImage does not use the .shp color data at all. Do you want it to emit a colored glow instead of white? That's tough, since this function adds to the area's brightness, not its colorfulness. This might take some massive code changes to implement, or it might just need a single line of code adjusted. Depends on how lazy WW was. // DC
Tests with custom SHPs suggest that only colors #127 and above will work. I mean allow colors below 127 to be used to create darkness
Ah, I see. That will most likely require just minor code corrections. //DC
  • Make a Pelette=XXX entry for art entries, making it possabe to have units have there own palette
For reference, the Statue Of Liberty already uses a custom palette... However, there is this message in the .exe file: "You have violated the limit of having only one extra building palette". //DC
  • Have an AltInfDeath= entry on warheads that specifies the death anim to play when the infantry has NotHuman=yes. Currently such an infantry (mainly the animals) always dies with InfDeath=1 regardless of weapon that killed them.
Or some such variation of that where you can specify overrides for the normal InfDeath handles on an infantry.
  • Add more single player campaigns
Someone needs to make such campaigns first, then we can worry about how to access them. //Blade
This is NOT an hacking exe issue, this is due to the way new buildings are added to the BuildingTypes array when they are added to that list from a map on the fly. I have a fix for the affected maps that needs a rulesmd.ini fix as well. //Blade
  • Buildlimit Setting it to more than one means you'll build 1 less than specified
This should be fixed
  • The 'sell unit' function can be resurrected using a super weapon. However, you can sell any docked unit, including Tank-Bunkered units. Selling a Tank-Bunkered unit leaves the Tank Bunker walls up, rendering it useless. Selling the Tank Bunker then causes an Internal Error. Now, we don't want 'sell unit' forcibly resurrected, however it would be nice if either A) Tank-Bunkered units couldn't be sold (preferred choice), or B) Tank-Bunkers' walls retracted and the Bunker continued to work normally (second choice), or C) selling a 'broken' Tank Bunker did not cause an Internal Error. [Marshall]
Alternatively, allowing Unsellable=true/yes to work on vehicles so as to prevent them being sold by the 'sell unit' super weapon would allow us to give Unsellable=yes to all Bunkerable units. //Marshall
  • add new water terraintype (shallow, possibility for tanks and infantery to move slow threw it, needs new voxel like the apc in ts for amphibiousmode) [mfg raminator]
This is already possible using a terrain type that is not used in game already such as weed or ice (though they may be needed again soon). You just adjust the movement rules for a type and use it on new terrain tiles (such as provided in the TX). The TS Amphibious logic wouldn't work of course, so that would need reimplementing, but the movement is not something you need a hack for unless its more terrain types to use. //Blade
  • a pre-game unit/side generator (possibility to mix up tank-bodies with other tank-turrets, a point based system that allows you to choose which units you want for your side [e.g. 10points for Apoc, 5points for Grizzly, 1point for Conscript...]) ok this ones stupid :P [mfg raminator]
its not that stupid, turret swaping is awsome :D just might be very hard to implement without a total rules re-write...//bobingabout
This would be better off as a frontend made from scratch which parses and temporarily edits the rules file based on the chosen side stuff/turrets when it starts, and sets the rules file back to the original when YR closes //chpatrick
  • possibility to make shorelineanimations (i think something for the TXguys) [mfg raminator]
Again, already possible with existing make me some overlay animations of waves lapping the shore and I'll stick them in the TX. Of course you'll need a mod to use them though.//Blade
  • In keeping with the coders sense of humor, one of the new tags to parse that enables some new stuff should be "CanMakeStuffUp=yes/no"
I strongly support this :D //Ren
Errh, I still do not understand what this would do. //chpatrick
Its a community joke, when a n00b asks for some crazy feature that is impossible to implement in the normal game, they are told to add this flag to the rules.ini file on the basis that it lets you make tags up to do anything that you want. //Blade
  • Ability to choice which mod to load (like in TS:FS when before game loads you can choice to load the original TS or the Firestorm expansion) //C001 DuDe
from what i can remember, i think firestorm just patched tibsun, so when you selected tibsun it used tibsun rules, and when you used firestorm, it loaded the extra rules on top. making a menu like that for YR would basicly mean totally re-writing RA2 to play YR, which would be practicly impossible, or making YR also play RA2, again, because of the way things work, also impossible. only way to do it would be to create a seperate program that you run which then loads either RA2 or YR. and since you can have shortcuts to both on your desktop, that would be pointless.//bobingabout
This is not my point.
My point is menu that looks like "ts:fs load menu" and works from inside the game (this one is important) but a mod loader.
IMO menu to choice which mod to load that just looks like the "ts:fs load menu" but works like a tag to load special mod files from some_mod.mix or game_dir\some_mod
the idea was originaly wished by Cannis [1] (in case of SUBDIR) and Renegade [2] (in case of mix file) but they all have exactly the same problem. to make them work you need to add -mod some_mod tag to ra2md.exe so you need to hack this file too, and i don't think PD have time for this. you can't add it to gamemd.exe directly (like gamemd.exe -mod some_mod) because when you open the gamemd.exe it doe's nothing.
So my idea is to make it avaible as an menu when you loading your game //C001 DuDe
The game is loaded from yuri.exe, which is the game loader that handles the CD check and some other anti-piracy stuff. However, it is not hard coded to load gamemd.exe, it gets that info from yuri.lcf which is a text file. You could copy these two files for your mod and rename them, along with altering the contents of yuri.lcf to alter the command line used to run the game.
Actually, it was me who sugested mix files. and although i agree that its a nice feature, it requires almost as much work as the RA2:YR menu thing. first thing is how does the game know what mods are installed? this would mean a costom program to add the load options to some kind of list. also, extensive work to create a completly new menu, which re-directs just about every file read by the game after reading the main RA2.MIX, LANGUAGE.MIX, RA2MD.MIX and LANGMD.MIX files, possibly more, such as the expandmd01.mix file. simplest way to do it would be to read everything in the game folder, then anything in any other specified folder. so again, you looking at placing mods in folders, or mix files, with an extra file listing all mods you can choose from, maybe modsmd.ini.//bobingabout
Again, frontend with yuri.lcf pointing to it //chpatrick
  • Use voxels for infantry, and buildings. - for terrain/objects too and enable rotating the map
Very likely way beyond the capabilities of the original engine, but it would still pwn >=D //chpatrick
  • Turn the game into a 3Diso (four directions n,e,s,w)game like Sim city. The hard code part may not be to difficult but the cross reference for infantry shp & voxel and terrain tile will take some time. Also the shp building would need to be rebuild but the modder community would do that.
The above two ideas are just crazed wishful thinking and it really would be better just to write your own RTS game engine if you want that kind of radical departure from the behavour of RA2 //Blade 07:25, 30 Mar 2005 (CST)
  • Currently, some tags allow "stacking"; like voice reports, prerequisites, etc. I think it ought to be possible for weapons to allow "stacking" on their 'damage=nn' tag, so that they could do variable (or random) damage. The game chooses one at random from the list each time the situation calls it to. For example, 'Damage=0,0,0,30,100' on a weapon would mean a 60% chance of a miss, 20% of a glancing hit, and 20% of a penetrating hit every time the weapon strikes a target. This would allow for many mods to add an element of random chance to combat, giving players the opportunity to take a risk, and also meaning that equal matchups don't have to be annihilation of both sides every time. //Major_Gilbear (14:15GMT 16/04/05)
  • Make units able to survive if they are in a transport of a different MovementType (e.g. tanks in amphib transports)
What you talkin' 'bout? Tanks in an amphibious transport DO survive if the amphib is destroyed. //Marshall (18:11GMT 2005-04-20)
if its over water they don't, or if a magnatron lifts it they don't.//bobingabout
How can vehicles that pop out of a destroyed transport on water suvive? They sink, that's the idea, because they can't move on water. If a Magnetron lifts it how? The transport gets destroyed by dropping it on a cliff? a tank? Then of course the units inside will die - the cell they have been dropped on is occupied. Even if it could be done so that the passengers survive I certainly don't want this forced upon me. //Marshall (19:07GMT 2005-04-20)
  • [IsTrain=yes], [MovementRestrictedTo=Railroad] one of these has the control for the train movement and the turn is 135 or 90 but the train should only turn 45 to prevent jumping tracks.
IsTrain=yes allows it to crush anything, even buildings. MovementRestrictedTo=RailRoad makes sure it can't leave the tracks, but maybe its the locomotor that would need playing with to disallow turns of more than 45 degrees. and locomotors are a pain.
  • in RA2 you can place a PKT with a map/maps in a mix, and rename it to an MMX and the map will work, like a map pack, however, the YR equevalant YRO(as documented by deezire) files don't actually work work. my idea is to try and make them work!
The problem with this is that it also relies on there being strings in the CSF to support the new maps. The WW map packs all had pre-defined strings in the csf, user made maps won't have. The game would have to read a text string from the map or the pkt file.
I'm not worried about that. the problem i've got is that our mod has its own map pack, requiring a PKT, but you can also use the survivor map pack with it, and its got its own PKT, which ends up giving you 2 PKTs, which the game doesn't like. YRO file would tidy up the games folder. although, it would be nice for a new PKT tag to actually use the string, rather than looking it up in the string table.
  • MultiFire to allow multiple targets for weapons other than Mind Control.
there is already a tag somewhere that allows the weapon to aquire a different target automaticly, however, if you tell it to attack something, it focuses its attention on it untill its dead.
  • The use of HoverPad=yes causes an Internal Error if the AI uses a Nuke or Weather Storm. This is a pain because the HoverPad=yes can be used to make hover units land on service depots and, better yet, allows an airpad to come with a free aircraft - but we can't use it because of the damned IE!
According to DCoder, this is because AIIonCannonHelipadValue= is commented out in the [General] section, add it back into the game and give is sensible values and it should work.
  • "IsSelectableCombatant=" functionality for non-airpad-bound aircraft. The aircraft currently need to be moved off the pad once (individually) before they can be selected with the teamtype button or hotkey. Any new aircraft of that type are the same. It may not sound serious, but can add a fair amount of unneeded micromanagement. // Rattus (10/21/05)
  • when units garrison in a bunker they would fire (individually) on a whole host of enemy not just one, also they would single out infantry first then move up on armor class from least to greatest, u would have to be involved in a full scale battle to get the sense of where im coming from. DistributedFire= on buildings doesn't work. look how the AI uses the sentry gun when it comes under fire from both INF an tanks, it stops shooting at the tank an takes out all inf that fire upon it. then resumes on the tank(march 15 /06.i would really appreciate a fix to this or even a work around without patching done to exe file for this. sincerly Dracaveli
  • Introduce the TS/FS E.M.P Tank Fire Logic*

Having a unit that fires only around itself is already possible, as is having a unit need a certain amount of time to recharge, although you will only get one pip for one shot (see hammer and sickle unit and chrono prison units in DeeZire's mod).

Re: genobreaker's negative multiplier

In Countries Section, Multipliers in countries should have negative if To Increase and the non-negative will increase.
What the hell, don't you know basic math? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
If the multiplier is:

  • Negative: the cost will be reversed, as in you'll GET money for building that object.
  • 0: the object will be free (duh).
  • 0 < x < 1 : The cost will be DECREASED.
  • x > 1 : The cost will be INCREASED.
This post was brought to you by DCoder - founder of RedUtils - all the INI editing tools you'll ever need.

Re: "FireNext"

Or (might be easier) let the modder specify another superweapon to fire on the target spot after one has fired, e.g. FireNext=IronCurtainSpecial

That might already be possible with PreClick and PostClick ?
This post was brought to you by DCoder - founder of RedUtils - all the INI editing tools you'll ever need.

Re: BuildOnly

Make so a unit only can built by a specefic warfactory, like BuildOnly=HTNK(on the new warfactory) This is good so big tanks can spawn on a big factory

This is already possible with bobingabout's kennel tutorial. //DCoder

RE:Aircraft as Projectiles

Sounds like nothing else than Aircraft with LimboLaunching weapons. Watch out for the Poor Man's Missile tutorial coming soon.
Renegade (SysOp) 02:04, 21 August 2006 (CEST)

Slaves can use VXL Files

  • When I was making my mod ,I just thought it.

So,I report it on here. "Slaves can use VXL ,Slaves can be Vehicles"


However here many entries similar and thigs, which already done.
CnCVK 16:23, 9 October 2006 (CEST)

Nothing is stopping you from editing it to show that ;) Just do so while logged in. //DCoder 06:11, 10 October 2006 (CEST)

Debris Problems

CnCVK asked about what was wrong with the debris. Well the main problem I know of is DebrisMaximums= not working as it should with DebrisTypes=. Both are comma seperated lists, Types lists voxel debris animations to play and Maximums is SUPPOSED to tell the game how many of each anim it can play. For example if you have an animation of the tank turret flying off as it blows up, it should be limited to 1. It seems it doesn't work though and the game will occasionally play more than that, making using specific voxel debris fairly useless. Blade 00:50, 20 February 2007 (CET)

Unit Upgrades

Refers to this wish: "Add logic that could upgrade certain units when a building is placed. The idea is something like this: 1) Add building tags UnitToUpgrade=[UNIT1] and UnitUpgradesTo=[UNIT2]. 2) Placing a building with those tags would convert all units UNIT1 to UNIT2 (but only for that player). 3) Also, placing this building will convert the build option of UNIT1 to UNIT2 (including graphics), so the newly created units will be also upgraded. 4) Once placed, the conversion is permanent, meaning there won't be any need for checking if the building has been destroyed or not. 5) This logic should also work with building upgrades, so instead of placing a completly new building you could simply upgrade an existing one. As far as i'm concerned, there's a logic similar to this already, but available only from the map code section."

Comment: You do know that there is a way to to this right? play around with negative prequest??[-Dupl3xxx]
COmment #2: That won't make existing units being automaticaly converted to others upon building placement.[-Bachsau 22:29, 24 May 2007 (CEST)]

Comments on the 'Not clear for my brain' section

  • "Make [VesselTypes] and Factory=VesselType stated in rules.ini work."
this means that you need to make a new group for ships, like its done with aircraft and infantry.
this was residual from red alert but it can be useful.