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Copy-paste the code above and fill in the fields as instructed.
Box art shouldn't be too big, and needs to be uploaded via Special:Upload first.
Box title is the page title.
Template includes Category:Tools automatically.

  • name: Name of the application. (Default: Current page name)
  • image: Filename of an image of the application (a logo would be preferred). (Default: Me_logo.png)
  • dev: Who developed this tool? (Default: Unknown)
  • dates: Release date of this program. (Default: Unknown)
  • version: Last public version of this tool. (Default: 1.0)
  • site: Url of the application's website. Is turned into a link automatically. (Default: The current page)


|name=OS SHP Builder
|dev=Banshee, Stucuk

Result visible to the right.