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This template generates standardized value type descriptions for a number of common types, to be used in the values= parameter of Template:Flag.


{{Values|VALUE TYPE}}

Valid Value Type Codes
Value Type Codes
Signed integers signed integers, signed integer, integers, integer, or int
Unsigned integers unsigned integers or unsigned integer
Floating point values floats or float
Unsigned Bytes unsigned bytes, unsigned byte, bytes, or byte
Signed Bytes signed bytes or signed byte
Boolean values booleans, boolean, or bool
Strings strings, string, or str
List of strings stringlist or listofstrings
List of integers intlist or listofints
Colors colors or color
CLSIDs clsids, clsid, locomotors, or locomotor
Percentages percentages, percentage, percents, percent, or %
Non conforming values special

In the case of strings and stringlist, a second parameter can be added to note what the strings are limited to. For example:


yields "Comma-separated list of strings. (Limited to: Animations)


The list separator defaults to "Comma", but can also be explicitly stated in the following way:

{{Values|stringlist|[[Sound filenames]]|separator=Whitespace}}

This yields "Whitespace-separated list of strings. (Limited to: Sound filenames)