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Community Blacklist

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This page originally started out as a general "Who is Who" list, to give newbies a hint who to trust and who to avoid, but there's no use listing 1,000 people if it's only important to know who not to trust. As such, the list quickly was reduced to only the bad guys, and now resides under this new title.

The people on this list all behaved in a way that was harmful to the integrity of the community, and, as such, should be met with great caution. Please do not list anybody without linking proof of their action.

The Community Blacklist

Nick(s) Listed for... Links
The_Ultimate_Ruler ...ripping Styx' Allied Nuke Power Plant. link link link (esp. turplant.PNG)
Yotta, Universe, Universal, DAA ...claiming false ownership of Haydn's Eurofighter voxel. link1 link1 link link
Yuri78945_68, Yuri78945 ...claiming false copyright on Westwood's and other people's assets. link
Mod_Making_Maniac_2005, Nuclear General ...claiming false copyright on other people's tutorials. Evidence destroyed by PPM
Advancer, Tactical Trance ...ripping and open promotion of ripping. link link link
Makoto promotion of ripping. link
Don ...ripping LaoTze's and DarkElf's work. link (mirror)
RedReaper ...copy & pasting Marshall's and MooMan's work without crediting them Home Site -
the50 ...claiming full credit for an already released map he slightly edited. First thread, questioning authorship (mirror)

Original map (mirror)

the50's version (mirror)

Second thread, debunking authorship (mirror)

darknessvolt, cavesydepu, CnCStalker ...taking credit for DeeZire's and LaoTze's assets thread (mirror)
oztronix ...claiming authorship of other people's assets

...completely ripping Daz' "It Came From Red Alert" mod and claiming just about all of its assets as his own.
...trying to claim credit for developing the FinalAlert 2 map editor.
...illegally distributing a copy of RA2 with this "mod", and then denying it exists, despite it being right there in the files..

thread (mirror)

proof (blue Humvee by oztronix, grey ones were taken from the real source of one of the models)
Discussion on CNCNZ forums
Discussion on C&C Guild forums
Topic on Planet CnC
His travesty of a mod's website

modder666 ...leaking a private development version of the Tiberian Odyssey mod (which he was not authorized to have in the first place) to the public Related thread (actual MSN log)
01010101 ...distributing and advocating distribution of copyrighted commercial products, as well as threatening the site with retribution for deleting his upload screenshot
iloo ...distributing a modified version of Robot Storm without authorization related thread (in Turkish)

official Robot Storm decision (mirror)

redhippopotamus ...distributing modified versions of voxels by Stingerr, Issly and MadHQ without authorization or attribution. Original thread2 (mirror page 1, mirror page 2)
Javier ...unauthorized usage of numerous non-public assets from Mental Omega and unauthorized redistribution of several public and non-public assets. Sole credit given for his mod YR Timeline was "This mod is made by Javier."
List of files ripped from MO
Mirror of YRT Downloads page
lococho, Harry Geffer Kcres Scipcion ...unauthorized usage of non-public assets from D-Day & Mental Omega, possibly Twisted Insurrection as well. Original thread
Mod's FB page.
Culprit's FB page (all his mod related images not visible to everyone)
Image from FB, shows D-Day terrain (mirror 1)
Another image from FB, shows cameos ripped from Mental Omega 2.0 ('Missing cameo' one even has MO logo in it) (mirror 1)


1 These links required a registration at the time of writing.

2 These links resided in PPM's Crap Forum at the time of the writing and will likely be auto-pruned soon.

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