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TibEd is a frontend-tool coded by Koen to edit the CnC games' INIs. It is mostly unused in the active modding community.

Quotes on the subject:
Using a text-editor, you can use every single function that's possible. In TibEd, you can only use what the program has a box for.

It's no discussion there...any kind of frontend for the rules neuters your modding-abilities. An AI-Editor is one thing, because AI-sections use a limited set of functions, which is repeated in every section. But how are you gonna do the particle-trick in TibEd, for example?

CCCP Gosho:
TibEd gave me the basic knowledge of modding.THE very basic knowledge of how games work at all. So I don't think we should HATE it,we should just be looking at it as a lower level of modding.

On the other hand, TibEd does allow easy navigation through the INI files, so it has its uses. There is a manual editor for every section, so things like the particle-trick are in fact possible, but it's questionable how well it survives if you switch back to GUI-mode and save.

The tool may be interesting for newbies, and is available from TibEd is a shareware program: after 30 days there will be 10-second delay at startup.

This page provides a little challenge, because, to give the best possible evaluation of TibEd, a knowledgeable, seasoned modder would have to write about it. But knowledgeable, seasoned modders don't use TibEd. That is a fact. No matter if the TibEd-crowd likes it or not.