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This page serves as what I perceive to be what the community would like in Future versions of rockpatch.

Completed 4th side logic. (Mostly complete in RP v1.10)
The only planned feature remaining is third and 4th side gates. There is a checklist on the Status page showing what has and hasn't been cloned, and here are some links to research and sugestion documents. V1V2V3V4
More Player Colours in Skirmish/MP menu. Done
Something PD did a while ago was to allow customisable colours to be displayed on the skirmish menu using a new [MenuColors] section. CnCVK has already done some work on this to increase the number of colours to 16, This was added in RPCE, but some players would like a few tweaks, such as superweapon text flash colour, and observer colour changing to use the name of the default colour rather than its default position.
Breaking Unit Quantity Limits.
Currently CnCVK has increased the number of units(units only, no infantry or aircraft) you can build with a sane AI from 101 to 200. i sugest increasing this limit to 250, with infantry and maybe aircraft too. Also, you can only have 74 units per tab, any more and it will lock up the game. I suggest increasing this limit as high as it can easily go.
New Prerequisite System. (Mostly complete and Bug Squishing)
This includes (by common refenced names) NegativePrerequisite= where anything on this tag that exists causes the object containing this tag to be unbuildable.(Done but needs more testing) AlternatePrerequisite= basicly a few of these lines that list alternate Prerequisite lines, if any of these lines including the original Prerequisite gets all its objects listed owned by the player, then this object will become buildable(An alternate name for the tag could be Prerequisite2=, Prerequisite3= etc)(we would like more than 1 of these new tags). PrerequisiteMisc##=, some(PD and CnCVK agreed on 6) clones of PrerequisitePower= to allow several buildings to be placed on here, allowing an "any building on this list" condition, such as the already existing "Any Power Plant" "Any Ore Refinery" "Any Tech Centre" "Any War Factory" "Any Barracks" and "Any Radar" conditions. However, a slightly easier way to use this system would be a list such as this example
Then using Prerequisite=DEPT would mean GADEPT, NADEPT, YAGRND or TADEPT. this is simular to how [Sides], [Colors] and PD's [MousePointers] works(Replaced with CnCVK's [MouseCursers]), it also makes it easier for the modder because they don't have to remember what a bunch of different numbers mean. (with this system, upto 100 should be possable instead of only 6)
Also new to the votelist's new "Specific" catagory upon conversion of the "NegativePrerequisite" wish to "New Prerequisite Tags" with including "NegativePrerequisite" as 1 of the sub-sections include RequiresStolenTech=(and on building to be spied upon IsStolenTech=) on a buildable item, which lists a bunch of structures that must be spied upon before the Prerequisite can become met. and then another wish of PrerequisiteTheater= to specify buildings that will apear only on certain map theaters, EG, a lunar base.
Sensors on buildings.
Currently, there is no way at all to add sensors to a building, unless you use the veteran abilities system, which relies on the building getting promoted. PD added the Cloakable=yes tag to buildings. he also said it should be easy to add Sensors too. I mention something about it in this post.
More Weapons (CnCVK said he will be working on this already)
A 3rd and 4th weapon for Units, buildings and whatever using tags Tertiary=, EliteTertiary=, Quaternary=, and EliteQuaternary=.
Veteran Weapons
It was also hoped that VeteranPrimary= and VeteranSecondary= tags might be added, which when 3rd and 4th weapons are done would also mean VeteranTertiary= and VeteranQuaternary= tags.
More Promotion Stages
This includes at least 2 more promotion stages, such as promotion after elite. 2 ideas for defaults were Prime and Master, other ideas were also suggested, these will be my reference names though. This would also include PrimeAbilities= and MasterAbilities= to go along with VeteranAbilities= and EliteAbilities=. This would also like a PrimePrimary=, PrimeSecondary=, MasterPrimary= and MasterSecondary=. Assuming the weapons are also increased in number, this would also want PrimeTertiary=, MasterTertiary=, PrimeQuaternary=, and MasterQuaternary=.
Advanced Power Done
RP v1.10 adds a new PowerPlants= tag to a header with your sides name on the [Sides] list, such as [GDI], [Nod], [ThirdSide]. This apears to be part of the 4th side to multiple extra sides logic wish to move generic 4th side tags to the [FourthSide] section, as a result FourthPowerPlant= is Obsolete and has been replaced with PowerPlant= on the [FourthSide] section. This PowerPlants= tag lets the AI build any BuilddingType on this list, or the original PowerPlant tag, when the AI has lower power, including Plugins.
Full Palette= support
I'm not sure how full it is at the moment, but where it does work, from what I understand, listing something such as Palette=Ice.pal would result in using a palette named Ice.pal, and using Palette=Ice would result in using IceTemp.pal in Temperate, and IceSnow.pal in Arctic, and so on, adding the Theater suffix before the .pal. basicly, people want this to work on every single SHP file they want. I myself would also like to see 16-bit SHP format completed and re-introduced.
A rules option (NeutralIsHostile=yes under [General]) so that units will consider in their threat scan neutral-owned units that have a weapon or non-zero threat rating. It's annoying if your mod has something that generates neutral infantry/unit opponents that your units and, more importantly, the AI completely ignores, even when they start destroying everything on the map. (this often happens with mutation logic, or to slaves if a slave miner gets destroyed by an un-owned weapon)
new skirmish options in multiplayer
New Skirmish Options
Allow TechLevel slider and MultiEngineer options to work in Network and (if possable) Internet Play. I supose this is harder than skirmish as it requires transmiting the state of the slider and button to the other players.
We already have the IsIFV=yes tag to clone IFVs, however, we still have the problem that you can only have 17 different weapons(plus elites), and 1 death weapon. how about expanding this to allow maybe 32 different weapons? since when a mod adds a new infantry, with a unique weapon, when placed in an IFV he has to change the infantries IFV weapon to something else, or delete an existing IFV weapon to add a new 1.