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Using XCC Mix Editor

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The XCC Mix Editor is used to create MIX files and manage their contents.

Creating new MIX files

To create a new MIX file, you simply open the XCC Mix Editor, click New, navigate to the appropriate game directory, pick a valid name, and hit Save.

Adding stuff to MIX files

You can add files to the MIX files in several ways:

  • Use the Insert button in the Mix Editor. (It only lets you pick a single file at a time.)
  • Select all the files in Windows Explorer or other file manager, then drag-and-drop them onto Mix Editor's main screen.

After adding the files, hit Save, then Compact.

Removing stuff from MIX files

This should be straightforward, select the files in the Mix Editor, then either hit the Delete button or the "Delete" key on your keyboard.