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VocTypes are the ingame objects representing each of the sounds in the game. They are enumerated in the [SoundList] section and each of them should have a separate section describing its particulars. Each sound's ID as listed in [SoundList] and should not exceed 39 characters.

Applicable INI Flags

These tables show all INI flags applicable1 to VocTypes. The flags are grouped by the internal classes the flags are inherited from, and then listed in the order they are read in by the game. You can re-sort the rows by column values by clicking the arrow icons in the column headings. Each flag can be clicked to visit its page for detailed information.

Please note that this section is accurate only for Yuri's Revenge. All other C&C games use different sets of flags.

1 "Applicable" in this context means "read from the INI files". Certain flags listed here don't have any effect ingame , but they are read and in certain cases cause a crash if not present. Again, refer to each flag's individual page for detailed information.

INI File Section Key Value Type Default Value Adds to list