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Bug discovered (or brought to knowledge) by Whiteboy during creation of Whiteboy's Rules in March 2004; essentially, if you are able to build more than 74 objects in a tab, "stuff happens" case of Whiteboy, it was just his onscreen-text disappearing, Renegade and DCoder reported their computer froze.

Quotes from the original thread at the DeeZire Forums:


OK, I'll go into more detail about the problem. It may indeed be a new problem.

My mod is called Whiteboy's Rules. Some of you may have heard of it. Version 1 is pretty inferior to 1.5 though. Well I am finishing off version 1.5 and I have this problem. I am talking about the vehicles tab in the sidebar. In this mod, I have made it possible to build ALL units, if each side constructs enough buildings they can build an ARMAGEDDON ENGINE which then allows them to build another side's MCV, and hence thay create another base, another Armageddon Engine, and the final MCV. This makes it possible to have all 3 faction's bases and units under your command.

Now, you know when you place the cursor over the sidebar, you see the string and cost for that unit. Well it works just fine for this mod in one case: you have all units available to build in the vehicles sidebar. Then the strings do not appear. The strings will still appear if you hover the cursor over the units in the battlefield view, however.

I have concluded that this is because of the amount of units in the sidebar, because whenever a structure such as a Repair Depot is sold (making less units available), the strings re-apper again. I am sure all strings work because I have seen them all appear separately, just not all together. And I did not exceed the total units allowed in the vehicletypes list in the Rulesmd.ini file.

Hope that clears some things up. I would send someone the mod, but it's only beta and I plan to finish it soon anyway, look out for it at

One thing I haven't done is test it on another computer - my comp. has three hundred and sixty something RAM so no problem there, but the processor is only 500MHz. I think I'll test it on my other computers - in the meantime, any thoughts?


OK, I tested it and... the bug occurs on my other computer too! Must be a new bug. To really prove it though, I would need one other person to test it, so I need one trustworth person to do this. That person must not be a newbie or nOOb or whatever and must NOT give the mod to anyone elase - it is only a beta and I don't want the public to know about it yet. Anyone willing?

To give more detail, the vehicle sidebar seems to support 74 things just fine, but when the final building is constructed (thus giving access to the final unit) this makes 75 things, and all the text disappears. Sounds like a strange number to me, I thought it would be someting like 128 or 64 [...]

The other important posts were killed by DeeZire's backup, but it continued with Renegade confirming that his computer froze when he was able to build more than 74 units.

DCoder later stated in a different thread:


That wasn't only Ren's comp freezing - so did mine, after I had built a radar or blab - I had run over the Prerequisite= changing everything into generic RADAR,TECH, blah... and the radar or blab would unlock enough units to actually overflow the 74 limit.

The AI built their buildings just fine, as I remember.

I just tried it. i had 72 buildable units on the units list. built me stealth lab and research lab and the game froze. presumably because they give extra units, taking it up past 74.